Harry Styles Acting Rumors Have Been Floating Around For A While

Brace yourselves, One Direction fans, because there is yet another report out there that Harry Styles is branching off into acting. Not that I don’t believe that it might be true that, as Deadline reports, Harry Styles has been offered a role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, it’s just that there have been so many rumors that Harry Styles wants to start acting that I sometimes lose track. Or maybe I’m just bitter because I feel like, every time a new rumor comes out, I have to brace myself for the disappointment when the news story fizzles and nothing comes of it. And, really, can you blame a fan for trying to protect her heart?

These rumors have been circulating since before One Direction announced that they were taking a hiatus from Boy Band Land (obviously my favorite of all the lands) back in 2015, but the rumors have kicked up a notch since the band announced that they were taking a break from making music. Ever since then, the rumor mills have been working on over drive, churning away at whatever sludge they can pick up about what Harry Styles might do now that the band is on a break.

So just in case you’ve lost track — or just in case you can’t stand to have your heart broken every time you try to keep up — here is a roundup of all of the times it has been rumored that Harry Styles would be going into acting.

March 2014: When It Was Rumored That He Wanted To Be Like Justin Timberlake

Complete with a solo music and acting career, I’m assuming, right? That’s what was sort of implied when MStar News reported that Styles said that he wanted a career just like Timberlake’s. Hey, if that means Styles dressed up as a block of tofu on SNL, then I will take it.

March 2015: In The Wake Of Zayn Malik’s Departure, Reports Surface That Harry Wants Give Up One Direction For Acting

E! News reports that Harry Styles wants to set aside a solo music career to get into acting. Another heartbreaking rumor that never came to fruition.

December 2015: Lea Michele Hints At Harry Styles Joining The Cast Of Scream Queens 2

In a 2015 interview with InStyle, Michele said that Ryan Murphy was talking to a male pop star about joining the Season 2 cast. No one ever said Styles’ name specifically, but Michele was eager to throw her vote for Styles to join the cast. She is a One Direction fan, though, so maybe she just let her wishful thinking get the best of her? Either way, whether this is actually happening has yet to be confirmed.

March 2016: Harry Styles Is Reportedly Offered A Role In Dunkirk

Deadline reportedly exclusively that Christopher Nolan had offered a small part in Dunkirk to the British heartthrob. But, given that the details of the film are being closely guarded, there isn’t much information being released beyond the initial report.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m going to hang tight on all of these acting rumors until I hear the official news that Styles has been offered — and accepted — a role. And, trust me, I won’t believe it until I hear it from those sweet, sweet lips of his.

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