What Does Your Favorite Superhero Cartoon Say About You? Way More Than You Think

Superhero movies have dominated the box office for the past two decades, but before Iron Man, Batman, and their comic book friends were taking over Hollywood, they were already dominating Saturday morning cartoons. If you were born in the '90s, you definitely have a favorite superhero cartoon. The decade was full of quality animated series about the heroes that would go on to take over the box office. In fact, many '90s kids first fell in love with superheroes thanks to the excellent hero-centric cartoons of the '90s and early '00s.

Just like every hero is different, every superhero cartoon was different as well. Spider-Man often went for laughs while Batman Beyond was not afraid to go dark. The superhero cartoon you thought was appointment TV back then says so much about your personality now, whether you know it or not. If you spent Saturday and Sunday mornings basking in the hilarity of The Tick, for instance, you probably weren't as into the more straightforward drama of Teen Titans. That's totally OK though — superheroes are meant to give you a character to look up to and to maybe even see a little bit of yourself in. The superhero cartoon you fell for back then still holds a special place in your heart because in some ways, it informed your taste in heroics. Personally, I think that is pretty cool.

Batman Beyond

You have always had an eye to the future. As a kid, you basked in all things sci-fi and speculative. You have a vivid imagination that won't be stopped by a silly thing like adulthood. The strength of the young Batman inspired you to be as creative and resourceful as you possibly could be. When it comes to being an everyday hero, you always stand up to bullies.


Compassionate and open-minded, you have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to social injustice. Just like Professor Xavier, you are an optimist who believes people are basically good. You have a strong artistic side, and it is through your love for the arts that you find ways to bring attention to inequality.


In your opinion, there is no situation that cannot be improved by humor. Quick-witted and full of jokes, you are an expert at diffusing tense situations. Your positive attitude makes other people gravitate toward you. A natural leader, all of your friends look to you when they're in trouble. Like Peter, you are passionate about your line of work and sometimes have trouble balancing your personal life with your professional one.

Teen Titans

You believe in strength in numbers. Your friends are the most important thing in the world to you, and they have helped you through some tough times. A big believer in the power of groups, you think it is better to put aside your differences and work with someone you don't agree with if it means accomplishing something for the greater good.

The Powerpuff Girls

You cannot remember a time when you didn't identify as a feminist. Female heroes have always been your jam, and you are just as into fighting for social justice now as you were when you defended your right to love dresses and play with action figures as a kid. Totally cool and always up for a debate, you are always the best dinner guest at the party.

The Tick

Eccentric and endlessly curious, you truly are one of a kind. While you have a tendency to get lost in your own daydreams, your unique worldview is a valuable asset. You solve problems without even trying to, often leaving your friends in awe — not that you would notice. Dreamers like you always have something on their minds.

Justice League

When it comes to superheroes, your love runs deep. Fandom has always been a part of your life, and you love for stories to be deeply immersive. You have a strong sense of honor and ethics. Doing the right thing is important to you, as is leading by example. Whether you realize it or not, you are a true mentor.

Sailor Moon

The only thing bigger than your personality is your heart. As much as you love to lead the charge when it comes to new trends, none of it would matter if you didn't have your squad by your side. When necessary, you can be fierce, but you also love making time for silly fun in your life.

Batman: The Animated Series

Standing up for what is right has always come naturally to you. While you enjoy well-crafted jokes and witty comebacks, you truly are the strong, silent type personified. Always up for an adventure, you face new challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You have taken being chill to all new levels. Nothing phases you except maybe running out of your favorite food. This makes you a reliable friend who is not easily upset. You are an open and accepting person whose superpower is cheering people up.

See, your inner hero tendencies really can be traced back to your favorite superhero cartoon!

Images: Warner Bros.Television; Giphy (9); YouTube