Are You An Ari Grande Fan? You'll Dig These Jams

by Kristie Rohwedder

Thursday night, number one frenemy of donuts everywhere Ariana Grande dropped “Dangerous Woman,” the highly anticipated single off of her to-be-released third studio album, and WOO WEE was it worth the wait. The star of the great (albeit short-lived) Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat has delivered a piping hot mid-tempo track that both showcases the force of nature that is her voice andmakes me want to slither (thank you for that gem, Ryan Seacrest). Consider me hooked.

If you are a diehard Arianator who cannot wait for Dangerous Woman to finally hit the e-shelves on May 20 (you and me both, pal) and would like to listen to some music in the interim, then I’ve curated just the playlist for you. (You know, for the rare occasion when you are not in the mood to listen to My Everything and Yours Truly on repeat.) (Hey, it happens to the best of us.) Inspired by the sound and vibe of “Dangerous Woman,” I have selected some tunes that complement Ari’s sultry, smoldering, slither-worthy new record.

Warning: Every single one of these jams is a total smokeshow. So, uh, you might want to fetch your handheld fan now.

1. “Needed Me” By Rihanna

*Fans self.*

2. “Party” By Nelly Furtado

*Chugs glass of water.*

3. "Used To Love You" By Gwen Stefani

*Single tear rolls down cheek.* *Fans self.*

4. “Doing It” By Charli XCX Featuring Rita Ora

*Does body roll at desk.*

5. “Breathe On Me” By Britney Spears

*Fans self.*

6. “#Beautiful” By Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel

*Falls out of chair.*

7. “Kiss & Tell” By Ciara

*Stays on the floor.*

8. "Good For You" By Selena Gomez Featuring A$AP Rocky

*Does log rolls on the floor.*

9. “Do What U Want” By Lady Gaga Featuring Christina Aguilera

*Attempts to reach handheld fan but cannot get off of the floor.*

10. "Adore You" By Miley Cyrus

*Climbs back into chair.* *Dabs brow.*

11. "No Angel" By Beyoncé

*Refills water glass.* *Chugs glass of water.* *Grabs fan.* *Falls out of chair again.*

12. “What Now” By Rihanna

*Does a few more log rolls.*

And hey, while I've got my fan here...