Will Kylie Jenner Release More Lip Kit Shades? She's Not One To Disappoint Her Fans

A Kylie Lip Kit launch is cause for excitement, no matter what. But, it’s especially exciting when you have an inkling that a new shade could be in the mix. Did Kylie Jenner release a new Lip Kit shade in the latest launch? Well, not this time around, but one could be coming soon. You never know what she’s capable of because Jenner loves to surprise her devoted fans, and she always keeps us guessing.

Given that she didn’t announce which shades would be available in the restock and that she just dyed her hair a new color after hinting that a new dark Lip Kit could be on the horizon, it seemed like the chances of her including a new dark blue shade were strong. And we could still have that to look forward to in the future. She’s been pretty open about her plans to expand Kylie Cosmetics, so new items are always hoped for from this makeup diva. So, it really just a matter of time before more and more new products are headed our way.

Jenner’s got plenty more where these lippies came from, so stay tuned for the next restock because you never know what she’s planning. All you can really ever know for certain is that whatever it is, it’s sure to be amazing.

Candy K today, but maybe a navy shade tomorrow? Don't let me down, Kylie!

Keep an eye out on her website and social media channels for any new updates. You never know what could be coming next!

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