10 Reverse Necklaces For Adorning Your Beautiful Back All Spring & Summer Long — PHOTOS

Oh, jewelry — how I love thee. Nothing makes me feel quite as special as putting on a supremely glorious piece of jewelry, particularly if it's funky and unexpected. Enter the reverse necklace: A gorgeous type of accessory that fulfills both of those qualities. And since an exposed back is all the rage for spring and summer 2016, it's only appropriate that the reverse necklace joins in.

As a daughter of a gemologist, jewelry has always been a huge part of my life. My mother and her three sisters own a few jewelry shops together; growing up, I would often spend the day with my mom in her office. I played with all of her tools (like those funny looking tweezers), looked through her binocular microscope, peeked inside a jeweler's loupe (that peculiar little magnifying glass you could fit in your pocket), and mostly typed on her typewriter.

Looking at diamonds, admiring engagement rings, and picking out pretty earrings I'd like to someday wear were the norm. Thus came my love for jewelry. Now, as a (kind of) grown woman, I still sift through my mom's collection at home and borrow some pieces here and there.

But perhaps my favorite pieces of jewelry are surprising, edgy, and the complete opposite of my mother's timeless items. That's where the reverse necklace comes in. It's the perfect accessory to throw on when you're rocking one of spring's biggest trends: Backless tops and dresses. It'll definitely be difficult to say no to these killer options.

1. The Y

Darlene Y Back Necklace, $20, Alloy Apparel

Equally beautiful, front and back.

2. Pearly Beauty

Ben-Amun Long Back Necklace, $205, Charm and Chain

So simple, yet so beautiful.

3. The Choker

Torque And Disc Back Drape Necklace, $2, Topshop

With a white jumpsuit, this necklace will be a killer addition.

4. Chains, Chains, Chains

Forever 21 Draped Chain Wire Choker, $9, F orever 21

Why go with one layer, when you can go with three?

5. Boho Babe

River Island Drape Back Necklace, $34, Asos

Perfect for music festivals.

6. Simple Lariat

Dia Back Necklace, $63, E tsy

For a more subdued look, this one's ideal.

7. Fit For A Princess

Ettika Front To Back V Necklace, $47, R evolve

How beautiful would this look paired with a slip dress?

8. Scaly

Child Of Wild Dragons Back Necklace, $73, A sos

A little Daenerys action never hurt anybody!

9. Flower Power

Flower Shape Metal Multilayer Back Necklace, $9, Rotita

Hello, gorgeous.

10. For The Minimalist

Pieces Tikka Back Chain Necklace, $13, Asos

Simple, elegant, and classic.

*Insert heart eye emoji here.* If you're ever sick of the traditional necklace, the reverse is definitely the way to go. Why not give our backs a little TLC?

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Images: Courtesy Brands