The Taylor & Miss Patty 'Gilmore Girls' Crackship Isn't Actually That Crazy — It's Even Kind Of Plausible

With the news of a Gilmore Girls revival in the works, it's hard to not theorize about where the lives of our favorite Stars Hollow citizens have gone. However, aside from the obvious thoughts on the state of Rory and Lorelai's love lives, there are other, secondary characters in the world of Gilmore Girls who had to have love lives of their own. And just because they may have not been in the spotlight in the past, that doesn't mean that the tables can't turn on them all these years later. In fact, when it comes to a woman whose life was as full of love affairs as Stars Hollow's very own Miss Patty... I highly doubt she just let her love life dwindle. And while Miss Patty may be one half of a Gilmore Girls crackship (see: a 'ship that seemingly can never be, but 'shippers love it all the same), I think it's not all that nuts to say Miss Patty should end up with Taylor Doose.

I'll give you a moment to calm down, but I'm not the only one who totally sees that these two should be together, right? If opposites really do attract and arguing can turn into flirting, then I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility of MIss Patty giving Taylor a chance after all these years. In fact, with Babette living happily married to Morey, Miss Patty might want to find her own cozy love bug to snuggle up to at night. And let's face it, Taylor could use some cuddling up in his rather tightly wound life. Plus, with both of the actors — Liz Torres and Taylor Doose — are confirmed to return for the Gilmore Girls revival, so it's clear that these two seem to be staying Stars Hollow for the rest of their lives.

However, it's more than just the convenience of them both being unpaired and their continued residence in Stars Hollow that could bring Miss Patty and Taylor together. I think they have enough in common to get past all of their major differences. For one, both Miss Patty and Taylor have the same passion for their town and they both contribute to its success by owning their own businesses. Between Miss Patty's dance studio and Taylor's store and sweets shop, their small town moguldom could be the key to their eventual spark.

And although they didn't always get along, both Miss Patty and Taylor work very closely with the town council and are always involved in major Stars Hollow decisions. In fact, when Lorelai needed help getting everything set up for the Dragonfly Inn, who did she go to in hopes that this person could feasible sway Taylor's opinion? Miss Patty. These two are not only business partners but, whether they want to admit it to one another or not, they're also good friends.

Actually, now that I think about it, Miss Patty and Taylor also happen to remind me of another long-awaited, beloved couple in Stars Hollow: Lorelai and Luke. Those two also both have Stars Hollow businesses and no plans of leaving. Plus, for years they used their endless bickering and nagging of one another to hide their true feelings. Sounds a little familiar, no? Miss Patty and Taylor could end up being the total match made in heaven that no one expected.

While we'll have to wait months (can we get a revival release date, Netflix?) to see if this crackship becomes real, but until then we can all start scouring the already existing seven seasons for clues about Miss Patty and Taylor's could-be romance. I guarantee that just watching the show through this lens is going to open up a whole new world.

Images: Warner Bros. TV; Michelle Lulic/Bustle via Warner Bros TV.