Why You Should Be Having Really Loud Sex

If you don't feel like sex and politics are comfortable bed fellows, or you feel like the government or your representatives don't really get you, it may be time to move to Sweden. It's the home of really loud sex — or at least really loud sex endorsed by the Minister for Health Care, Public Health, and Sport. Gabriel Wikstrom made headlines after a man tweeted complaining about his neighbors having loud sex late at night and his reply was: "Sounds nice for them, I think. Good for their wellbeing and thus public health as well," according to the Mirror. Never have I felt like a politician represented me more... and he's not even from my country.

He told the BBC: "I thought it was a quite funny tweet and I wanted to respond in a funny way."

It's nice to be hearing such candid, sex-positive talk from a politician— and it's also incredibly unusual. Normally sex only comes up as a problem in political discussions. As Wikstrom explained: "Sex is a political matter as well. We often discuss sex in negative terms, like, for example, we relate it to rape, we relate it to sexual abuse... but not to the positive thing that sex really is. I think we should really start to talk about sex as something positive... I think Swedes should have all the sex they want to have."

Amen to that.

Plus, loud sex is really, really fun. Here's why you should definitely be having it:

1. More Stimulation

When it comes to sex, there are so many different types of stimulation happening. You're feeling each other, you're looking at each other, and being able to hear how much the other person is enjoying it is just another huge turn-on.

2. It's Positive Reinforcement

When you're new to having sex with each other, there's a period where you still are figuring out what the other one likes. A great way to show that they're doing something you're into is to respond— whether that's saying how good it feels or just a moan, it's going to let them know they're on the right track.

3. Quiet Sex Is The Worst

When it's so quiet you can hear every bed spring and blanket shuffle, it's going to make things a little uncomfortable. It just feels really stilted and joyless, as if there's nothing happening. There's something mechanical about quiet sex. Try to let go and enjoy the sensation a bit.

4. Dirty Talk Can Be Amazing

Talking dirty can be a huge turn on. Some people feel a little awkward if they've never done it before — you may be worried you'll sound silly or say the wrong thing. While dirty talk always sounds ridiculous out of context, during sex, it makes sense. Plus, there are lots of ways you can start to try dirty talk that won't leave you feeling like an idiot.

5. Communication Is Communication

Being able to communicate with your partner is a non-negotiable in a relationship — and that includes during sex. Yes, moaning and dirty talk might not seem the same as having a big talk about your emotions, but communication is communication and it has to exist in all areas. Being loud and letting whatever noise or words come out is a sign that you're so relaxed and comfortable with our partner that there's no self-consciousness in the bedroom. And that's when the best sex happens.

6. It's Good For Public Health

Who am I to argue with a Health Minister?

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