New 'BvS' Promo Could Be Hinting At The Joker

Batman is ready to take on Superman in the Ben Affleck-led debut of the character during the March 25 release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, a brand-new international spot for the DC Comics blockbuster is starting to make fans think that Lex Luthor, Superman, and Doomsday may be the least of Bruce Wayne's concerns. In fact, there could be a slight chance that one of Batman's most-anticipated villains, The Joker himself, is already making his presence known in Batman V Superman .

In a brief moment of the one-minute international promo, viewers catch a glimpse of Bruce opening and reading some scribbles on a newspaper that read, "You let your family die." The all-caps red lettering of the message is signature of the popular outside party in the current DC Comics world, which suggests that The Joker is not completely nonexistent at this moment in time. And the message — clearly aimed at Bruce and the horrific murder of his parents, which he witnessed as a boy — is not one that should be taken lightly. While Batman and Superman do have their beef at the moment, a message encrypted like so would not be something drawn up by Superman. And although this film does have villains of its own, the characteristics of the subtly placed message don't seem to match the antagonists that we already know about. In fact, it only seems to match up with one person: The Joker. See the newspaper clipping seen 'round the world at the 30 second mark:

So, is the next round of Batman and The Joker on its way sooner than we originally thought? While, personally, I'm still in love with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger's Batman and Joker frenzy in The Dark Knight, it's time to move on to this new DC realm. And there's some serious hope for both characters; with Ben Affleck continuing to raise my hopes and Jared Leto taking on the coveted role of The Joker in the August 5 release of Suicide Squad, we know these two are bound to come together eventually (yes, Affleck will appear in Suicide Squad as well). But, perhaps Batman's scheming, green-haired nemesis won't be completely coming out of nowhere come August.

Arm yourself, Batman! The Joker might be coming to town a little early.

Images: Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment