These Realistic Celebrity Dolls Are So Accurate You Won't Be Able To Look Away — PHOTOS

I've had a really great time laughing over failed action figure attempts by different companies over the last few years — you know, the ones that try to look like your favorite character or celebrity but always end up looking like smashed up clay. To my surprise, Cyguy83 on Instagram has been sharing his incredible realistic celebrity dolls with the world, and let me tell you, this guy knows what's up! His creations are fantastically lifelike. Some are so realistic I can't help but wonder why he hasn't been snatched up by some company to work on a limited addition celebrity line.

Dolls have been in the news lately, starting with the major revamp from the company that brought us the original Barbie. Ever since Bratz Dolls shook up the market with their alternative style and punk rock attitudes, companies have quickly realized that individuality is a commodity. Now with the new body-positive makeover, Barbies are starting to catch up to the notion that all shapes and sizes are marketable.

This concept an also apply directly to celebrity-inspired dolls. Instead of projecting the unrealistic, girls and boys can look up to icons such as Adele and Jennifer Lawrence who preach body acceptance. And if that seems like a stretch, you can always just enjoy the fact that these dolls are so lifelike that Madame Tussaud's might call the creator out. Seriously. I am amazed at the detail that goes into these creations. Check out some of the best ones below:

Jennifer Lawrence

Cyguy83, real name Cyrus, even included Jennifer's freckles. While this is a doll based off of her Hunger Games character, I cannot help but appreciate the likeness. This entire project is on fire!

Johnny Depp

So besides the fact that I am a diehard Johnny Depp fan and will continue to remind everyone of that fact, this doll is just amazing. The hair, the perfect face complete with facial hair and the hat — I mean come on! Serious talent here.

Audrey Hepburn

If anyone you know is a Breakfast At Tiffany's fan, then this doll is for them. The neck tilt, the expressive eyes, and the necklace all come together for a perfect iconic look.


If anyone deserve a look-alike doll, it's Queen Bey. The smile is spot on! (I would know that because I love when Beyoncé smiles, and I am not ashamed to admit it.)


I have a feeling that Madonna is Cyrus's muse because her doll is prominently featured in this Instagram. Maybe it's her ever changing looks, iconic performances or the ability to be relevant in every decade she's been performing — Madonna's doll is crazy accurate. Bravo!

Images: Cyguy83/Instagram