Guess Which 'O.C.' Alum Is In 'Cruel Intentions'?

Just in case you thought that the news that Cruel Intentions is being made into a television series couldn’t get any bigger, it was announced on Monday that Peter Gallagher would be joining the cast of Cruel Intentions as Sebastian’s father. And as excited as I am to see that Sebastian’s parents will officially be playing a role in the new series (because, seriously, weren’t you always morbidly curious about these teenagers running rampant around New York City without any parents around?), I’m even more excited to see this O.C. alum starring in another late ‘90s classic. Basically, with this casting news, it feels like one big huge mash up of all of your favorite things from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s.

All of it really has me picturing a world in which The O.C. and Cruel Intentions coexist. And while those two worlds couldn’t be farther apart in style, I’m pumped to hear that this casting news brings me one step closer to this dream of dreams becoming a reality. Who wouldn’t want to see this happen?

But what’s even better than the idea of these two culturally phenomenal worlds colliding is the character that Gallagher is set to play. As Edward Valmont, Sebastian’s father, Gallagher’s character will be very much like the late Sebastian. He’s described as sexy and sophisticated, which means he will likely fit in perfectly with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s grown-up Kathryn. Gallagher plays a ruthless billionaire (how else would he have been able to afford that crazy Fifth Avenue penthouse?) who discovers that he has a long lost grandson in Bash Casey.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seeing Sandy Cohen mixed with Sebastian Valmont? Sign me up.

Of course I’m also looking forward to the dynamic between Gallagher’s character and Gellar’s, especially since Kathryn and Sebastian were step-siblings. Although Kathryn won’t be related to Gallagher’s Edward Valmont by blood, their family connections are close enough to warrant a passionate relationship, whether it be filled with animosity or something more dangerous.

So brace yourselves for some serious drama between these two, and hold on tight for one heck of a late ‘90s mash up.