'PLL' Returns To The Lost Woods Resort

It feels like we just flashed five years forward, but it's already time to mentally prepare ourselves for the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B finale. We'll have to wait for the new Big Bad to be unmasked, but we have one important reveal to look forward to — a character on the show has a twin and this revelation is guaranteed to majorly shake things up in Rosewood. (Because, you know, there hasn't been enough drama in town already.) And, since the Liars simply can't seem to escape the past, it looks like A's original lair will resurface in the finale. It hasn't been seen or even mentioned since Season 4, but it appears that we'll return to the Lost Woods Resort on Pretty Little Liars.

The Lost Woods served as Mona's lair when she was A, but its role on the show seemed to become a thing of the past after Charlotte took over the A game — during Season 3, we learned it was for sale and after that it only appeared briefly in a flashback sequence. The motel's return for the 6B finale indicates that someone from Rosewood purchased it, and I'd venture a guess that they had sinister reasons for doing so. What else do we know about how the Lost Woods will influence the finale? Well, not much — I. Marlene King posted this cryptic clue to Instagram in September:

The Lost Woods is back and there's a vacancy. (Raise your hand if you just got chills.) It's been awhile, so let's recap all the creepy things that transpired at the Lost Woods Resort:

The Liars First Visited The Lost Woods In Season 2

After sifting through Ali's belongings, the Liars found a postcard that lead them to the Lost Woods Resort. They checked into Room 1 and then snuck around the motel looking for clues. They found one in the guestbook — Ali had signed in twice under the alias Vivian Darkbloom.

It's Where Mona Was Revealed As The Original A

During her time as A, Mona used Room 2 as her lair. During the Season 2 finale, she and Spencer went to the Lost Woods together and Spencer realized that no one had checked into Room 2 since Ali's disappearance. The girls entered the room together and it was immediately clear that they were in A's lair — it was filled with creepy dolls, maps, photos of the Liars, and Ali's journal. Mona briefly left the room, then returned wearing A's signature black hoodie and confirmed Spencer's suspicions that Mona was A.

The Liars Returned In Season 3

Afraid that the new A would frame them for Maya's murder, the Liars returned to the Lost Woods to destroy all evidence that pointed to them. We also learned that Spencer repeatedly visited the motel on her own and had digitally recreated Room 2.

Mona Took Ali There After Her Attack

During Season 4, a flashback sequence provided more information about the Lost Woods. After Mrs. Grunwald pulled Ali from her would-be grave on Rosewood's most eventful night, Mona found Ali on the street by herself. They went to the Lost Woods Resort together and checked in under Ali's alias, Vivian Darkbloom. While they were at the motel, Mona told Ali she should disappear so that A would believe she was dead. The next day Ali dressed as Vivian and left the Lost Woods while Mona watched from her lair.

The Innkeeper Was Harold Crane

In a nod to Hitchcock's Psycho, the creepy and mysterious innkeeper was named Harold Crane. When Mona returned to Rosewood High after her hospitalization at Radley, he resurfaced — this time as a janitor at the girls' school. Hanna and Emily discovered that he was in possession of A's belongings and Ali's journal. Mona believed he was stalking her and the police unsuccessfully searched for him — so Harold has been AWOL since Season 3. It hasn't been indicated that Harold will return for Season 6, but I still think that we should be on the lookout for him.

If the return of the Lost Woods Resort is any indication, we are in for one seriously creepy finale.

Images: Screengrabs/Freeform (3); crazylittlemona, prettylittleliarsxxxx/Tumblr; Wifflegif