Kara Royster Teases An Epic 'PLL' Finale

When Pretty Little Liars fans first heard that Toby had a new girlfriend after the five year time jump, hearts broke. After all, Spencer and Toby seemed like the ultimate endgame couple — how could it be that it wasn't Spencer that Toby was building that house for? Unfortunately for diehard Spoby fans, that's not how the chips fell for our once so-in-love Rosewood couple. Enter Yvonne, Toby's new girlfriend and the daughter of Veronica's opponent in the senate race. Yet for PLL fans (and Spencer herself) it's way too hard to dislike Yvonne — she's so nice that she must be hiding some dark, Rosewood-worthy secret. (After all, there's no one totally innocent in Rosewood: just really, really good liars.) Bustle spoke to Pretty Little Liars actress (and longtime PLL fan!) Kara Royster about her new role, and she teased that it's about time we expected the unexpected.

It's not easy being the new girl in Toby's life, especially when so many old habits (like hatching plans to catch A) are surfacing in her beau. According to Royster, it's not just old habits that are bothering Yvonne this season: it's a certain old flame.

"In the season finale you see Yvonne start questioning where Toby's love lays," says Royster of Yvonne's relationship with the police officer. "With Spencer being in town after five years, [Yvonne] starts getting a little worried... Yvonne is starting to realize that [Spencer] is more important to [Toby] than she originally thought."

Of course, it it were up to Royster herself, who admits that she puts Ezria above all other PLL ships, she might choose to have Spencer stay right where she is: "I actually like Spencer and Caleb being together! As a fan, at first I was like, this is blasphemy! But [now] I feel like they're actually really cute... Once you see it, you're like, OK, I get it."

Though Spaleb is still very much alive and well, new photos from the Season 6B finale show Spencer and Toby are reuniting, likely to track down Uber A on election night. While we won't find out who this new stalker is in the finale, Royster has a one big suspect she's flagging: "I've noticed that Alison is in and out of town quite a bit this season. She's been someone to keep an eye on. She's very conveniently gone... She's constantly on the move, unlike the other Liars, where you constantly know where they're at."

Alison certainly has a reason to want to know who killed her sister, a villain that at this point in the series could be anyone. While Royster doesn't have a specific person who could be Charlotte's killer, she does have an idea of the motivation: "I think [Charlotte's murder] has to be revenge based," says Royster of the anonymous killer. "Whether it's for the Liars or for [the murderer's] own good, it's definitely rooted in revenge."

So who should we be worried about, specifically? According to Royster, it could be the people that are "hiding in plain sight," just as Uber A suggested. "There are a lot of people who are talked about and not seen, [like Wren], people who kind of spring up out of nowhere."

But while we won't find out Uber A's identity in this finale, Royster hints that we still have a huge twist to look forward to in Season 6B — perhaps one even more shocking than the Big A reveal from Season 6A. Get ready to be shocked, fans, because Tuesday's finale might be the ride of our lives:

"The Big A reveal [last season] was so crazy, especially with the topics they touched upon and how things linked up, I thought that was very beautifully done. [The Season 6B finale will shock you] just as much, if not more," teases Royster of what's to come. "My big quote for the end of this season is, if you think you know, you don't. If you think you've gotten it all laid out, you don't... No one is ready."

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