Who Is Ben's Pastor On 'The Bachelor'? Denny Wilson Helps Him Keep The Faith

At the beginning of the Season 20 finale of The Bachelor the host with the most (that is, the most creative ways of declaring a finale will be the most dramatic yet!), Chris Harrison, informed viewers that Ben Higgins could be marrying his winner during After The Final Rose . Cue Bachelor Nation's collective jaw dropping to the floor. In attendance for this possible wedding are the families of Ben's two finalists, Neil Lane, and even Ben's pastor. But, who is Ben's Pastor on The Bachelor ?

His name is Denny Wilson and he is the senior pastor of the Warsaw Community Church according to its staff directory page. If you'll remember, Ben has always been forthcoming about his faith — he even has a tattoo of a bible verse, according to OK Here Is The Situation — and his love of his home town of Warsaw, Indiana. So, it's safe to say that Wilson is probably important to Ben, as the pastor from his home town, and would be instrumental in helping Ben get married during After The Final Rose. During Wilson's brief moment on camera (when he didn't even acknowledge the camera) he seemed to be jotting notes down for the supposed impending ceremony between Ben and his winner.

If there were any indication Ben might seriously go through with a marriage on live television during the finale of his season of The Bachelor, having his pastor there seems to be it. And, if he's needed, Wilson seems ready to step up for Ben and perform the ceremony — adding that home town charm that I would expect from Ben's wedding.

Images: Matt Dunn/ABC