'Bachelor' Ben's Parents Are Keeping It Real

Truth be told, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Bachelor Ben Higgins this season. He’s a nice guy and everything, but I’m annoyed that he has told two different women that he is in love with them, and he is going to absolutely smash one woman’s heart to pieces. Not cool. You know who I do love, though? Ben’s parents, Amy and David Higgins. Happily married for over three decades, they aren’t going the normal route that a Bachelor or Bachelorette family does — Ben's parents are telling it like it is, and I dig it.

Here’s how a normal Bachelor or Bachelorette finale goes down: The final two contestants meet the family, the family passes judgment secretly, telling the Bachelor or Bachelorette that they trust that he or she, respectively, will make the right decision. With Ben’s parents, there ain’t none of that. Amy has expressed oh, a few times, how weird and “unsettling” (that’s a direct quote) it was that Ben was in love with two women and that he didn’t know who he would be proposing to yet. Amy talked in a producer interview about how marriage is a huge decision, and she’s unsteady that Ben hasn’t made a decision yet. My thoughts exactly, lady.

David has made comments in a similar vein though not as overt as Amy has. Amy’s on the “what is my son doing” train, whereas David is all, “I’m not too sure about this, and I’ll say that, but it’s your decision.” I admire Amy for not sugarcoating her feelings, because she’s right. Getting married is a big decision, and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. She’s probably wondering where she went wrong as a mother to have her son fall in love with two women on national television, but don’t worry, Amy — this is Ben’s fault. Not yours.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC