Ben Higgins' Parents Are The Best

If you have been watching The Bachelor this season as meticulously as I have, you can recite the amazing characteristics of Ben Higgins as easily as you can the Pledge of Allegiance. It seems that every episode the man grows more perfect, so it's only fitting that he come from a family that is the picture of the American dream. And, with the group of women traveling to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana on Monday, fans all want to know — who are Ben Higgins' parents?

We first encountered his parents during the Season 20 premiere of The Bachelor, when we witnessed the love they share for each other and their son. His parents, Amy and David Higgins, were chilling in lawn chairs in front of their adorable home, just being their flawless selves while Ben fretted about how he might never find a love like theirs. After he met all of the ladies before their very first cocktail party together, Ben phoned home to confide his apprehension about the rose ceremony to his parents but to share that he felt the contestants were promising for a future wife. What 26-year-old still calls their mom to talk about girls? An amazing son, that's who.

Here's everything you need to know about the people who raised the best Bachelor around.

Ben Is Their Only Child

ABC News reported that Ben doesn't have any siblings, so his family is really close, just the three of them. He told ABC News that he and his parents are "very good friends." Since he is their only son, I bet his parents are very eager to see if Ben finds love and gets to add to their small, but intimate, family dynamic!

They Have Been Married For Over 30 Years

According to Parade magazine, his parents have a three decades long marriage. Ben often said on the show that his parents are his greatest inspiration for love in his life due to the lasting nature of their loving marriage. No pressure at all for those remaining women!

They Live In Indiana

Ben's family still lives in Indiana, where Monday's episode of The Bachelor is set. His family seems so sweet and loving — can't wait to see if any of the contestants make the cut to join it!

His Dad Has Struggled With Health Problems

On the Jan. 19 episode of The Bachelor, Ben revealed to Lauren B. that his father has always dealt with heart problems. According to Ben's Instagram pic above, his dad had issues with a stint over six months ago, and had to undergo emergency open heart surgery. Fortunately, he recovered, and Ben posted this sweet collage to Instagram to show his support.

They Are Very Supportive Of Ben's Turn On The Bachelor

According to an interview on LIVE With Kelly and Michael, Ben said that his mother has been "praying for [his] wife since the day [he] was born." So, while it can easily be difficult to watch a child date 20 women at one time, his parents seem pretty cool with it if it achieves the end goal of finding him a wife!

They Are Pretty Private

Ben's parents do not appear to have any sort of social media presence, and, according to this feature in the Indy Star, do not conduct any media interviews. Though this makes it hard to Internet stalk them, it is pretty respectable that they haven't exploited themselves during their son's journey to find love. Not that I would ever expect that from them, but still! I can't wait to meet them on Monday's Bachelor episode. I love a man who loves his family. Team Ben for life!

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC