Tom Sandoval Performs "T.I.P." On 'Pump Rules'

by Kristie Rohwedder

What the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 finale lacked in annual SURver photo shoot (I hate to nitpick such a fantastic episode of TV, but what can I say? I'm all about a good tradition) it made up for it in mini concert at Lisa Vanderpump’s Sexy Unique Restaurant. And the mini SUR concert might be the greatest Pump Rulestradition of all: Two finales ago, Scheana Shay serenaded her engagement party guests with a live rendition of “Gold As Gold." On Monday night's episode, two years after his coworker climbed atop the SUR bar and belted out her second single, Tom Sandoval sang “T.I.P.” at Katie and Tom Schwartz’s engagement party after party. Where, oh where does the time go? To SUR, that's where.

At the after party, Tom Sandoval and Charles McMansion bandmate Isaac Kappy performed "T.I.P." in the middle of the SUR Lounge for the private get-together. The attendees went wild. The supportive smiles, supportive cheers, supportive applause, and supportive dance moves were a-flowin'.

...From everyone but Jax, that is. At first, Tom Sandoval's biggest critic did not seem to be on board. Though the self-proclaimed number one guy of the group didn't explicitly say he was scared of what was happening before him, he did not have to. Jax's eyes told the story his mouth would not.

But then, something happened. As the show went on...

...Jax realized he was wrong to doubt "T.I.P." He realized he was wrong to doubt Charles McMansion. He realized that "T.I.P." has been a piping hot jam the whole time. He realized he's been a Charles McMansion fan all along. He realized the "T.I.P." was calling from inside the house.

“I’ll admit it: It’s a fun song," Jax said in a talking head. "All that time, all that money, it wasn’t a waste. I mean, he’s probably not going to see it back.”

I knew you'd appreciate this fire track, Jaxy. May your ringtones be nothing but Charles McMansion from here on out.

Images: Bravo (3)