Ariana Grande's Snapchat Name Has Deeper Meaning

Even though Ariana Grande has been hard at work on her new album the past several months, she's never stopped keeping in touch with her fans as much as she can. It's one of the reasons that she has such a devoted fan base — she constantly reminds fans how much she loves them by tweeting at them and thanking them on every form of social media possible, as well as shouting out her Arianators in interviews. So it's no surprise that she's become a fan favorite on Snapchat, using every opportunity to show her fans some love. Ariana Grande's Snapchat is quintessentially Ariana, even down to her username. So what moniker does the pop star use on the increasingly popular app among celebrities and normal people alike?

Some celebrities go the straightforward route and use their name, such as Kim Kardashian, whose Snapchat name is simply KimKardashian. Others are more creative in their approach, like Justin Bieber, whose username is rickthesizzler. Grande could have gone with her full name, à la Kim K, but instead she chose a nod to her former album title. Grande's Snapchat username is moonlightbae, which totally fits with her fun-loving personality.

Back in January, Grande appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and mentioned that she was toying around with changing the name of her forthcoming album (which is scheduled to be released in May), saying,

A really long time ago I was convinced that it was going to be called Moonlight because its one of my favorite songs that we did for the album, and now, as we’re wrapping things up, of course I’ve been writing and singing, we’re at the final stretch… now there’s this other song that has thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much, it’s changed everything.

She wouldn't confirm the game-changer song, but it's since been confirmed that her album will be called Dangerous Woman. And following the change she's been on a promotional blitz for the new record, most recently appearing on Saturday Night Live and crushing it. Now that she's officially back in the public eye, here are some reasons why you should definitely follow Grande on Snapchat.

Cute Moments With Her Puppies

It's rumored that Grande has seven dogs, and she frequently shows them off on Snapchat, which gives me so much puppy envy. They're just too cute for words!

She's A Fan Of A Well-Placed Selfie

I mean, aren't we all?

She Loves The Snap Filters

Who among us hasn't killed 15 minutes trying on a "scary bunny" face or sticking our tongues out with digitally-added puppy ears? Grande has fun with it too, proving that celebrities really are just like us.

Emojis Everywhere

The 22-year-old loves hearts of every color, and she's well-aware just how much they enhance a regular 'ol Snapchat moment.

Sweet Behind-The-Scenes Moments

Grande is super-tight with her family, including her Nonna Grande, and she loves to give them a few seconds of Snapchat fame, which is so adorable.

Basically, the singer is one of the best celebrities on Snapchat, and she has so much fun with it, that it's hard not to look forward to her behind-the-scenes moments on the app.