Did You Know Justin Bieber Is On Snapchat?

Once again, Justin Bieber is invading a major media outlet. First, he took over the radio. During the holiday weekend, I literally heard "Love Yourself" and "Sorry" every time I got in the car. He's also a king of Instagram where his pictures spur plenty of speculation. (Seriously, who was that mystery girl in his car photo?) Now, Bieber is reminding everybody that he's on Snapchat and sharing his username with Beliebers everywhere. Although this isn't the first time he's shared this info, it is the first time in recent months — which hopefully means he'll be even more active on the app. On Monday, he posted a selfie with the following caption: "Follow me on snapchat my username is rickthesizzler."

In the words of the Biebs himself, what do you mean?! Why is his Snapchat handle "Rick the Sizzler"? I suddenly feel so out of touch with hip lingo (which is probably also apparent based on my usage of the phrase "hip lingo"). A quick search of Urban Dictionary left me even more confused. I'm guessing it's just another name for the singer, à la Beyonce's Sasha Fierce.

While I don't understand Bieber's username, I do think sharing his Snapchat is a brilliant idea. Not only does this give fans another inside look at his life, but it's a perfect way to spark even more rumors and attention. Because really, that's exactly what the 21-year-old wants — isn't it?

Since Bieber is predictably unpredictable, here's a guess at what fans will find on his Snap stories. But knowing him, the possibilities are endless.

1. Selfies Galore

Everybody knows Bieber loves snapping pictures of himself. With all the possible Snapchat filters, it totally ups his selfie game.

2. His Siblings

Admittedly I quickly added Bieber on the social network as soon as I saw his Instagram post. One thing he's shared so far? Adorable videos of his little brother.

3. New Ink

Chances are if Bieber gets another tattoo, he'll pull a Kylie Jenner and film the whole experience.

4. Potential Girlfriends

I'm guessing any females featured in his posts will quickly be the subject of dating rumors. Although that's not necessarily fair, that's just what happens in Bieber's life.

5. Shenanigans

Remember when Bieber egged a house? Not his best move, but I bet he'll post photos of less criminal pranks.

6. Cars

If there's one thing J. Biebs loves (besides posting throwbacks with Selena Gomez), it's sharing pictures of his cars.

7. Promos For His Songs

What better way to build hype for his new music? He can also share behind-the-scenes footage of his music videos.

8. His Abs

Let's be real, Bieber loves a shirtless selfie. He's also posted his butt to Instagram before, so I wouldn't rule that out either.

If you're not convinced to follow the "Sorry" singer on Snapchat yet, you have better self-control than I do. I'm just too curious not to follow along.