Where To Buy Lauren B.'s 'Bachelor' Finale Dress

The world (well, Bachelor Nation, at the very least) watched as Ben Higgins proposed to one very lucky woman last night. As it turns out, you can actually buy Lauren B.’s Bachelor finale dress yourself, and I really think you should because you’re going to want to get all dolled up just like the beauty who stole Ben’s heart, even if only for a very special occasion.

She wore a royal blue Badgley Mischka dress to accept a gorgeous Neil Lane diamond, and thanks to Rent The Runway, you can steal her look, at least as far as the dress is concerned. That $100,000 ring — that’s a different story. The same classic gown is available to rent at Rent The Runway. Renting the dress will only cost $100, while it retails for $660. That's quite the bargain, if you ask me. You have the option to rent for either four or eight days, so there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear this dress on a special night of your own (without having to pay full price for it).

Living out your own Bachelor-level date night in a dress fit for a contestant of the show sounds pretty much like a dream come true, especially for a super fan. So, rent the limo and this dress, and get ready for one fancy dinner. Opportunities this great don’t come by often, so don't let the moment pass you by.

It'd be hard to pass up such a simple, yet sophisticated dress. Will you accept this dress? Of course, you will!

What’s not to love about it?

Badgley Mischka Cobalt Racing Gown, $100 rental, Rent The Runway

Shop this version if you're dying to wear the gown for yourself.

It's stunning from every angle.

Can you imagine wearing this IRL? What a joyous occasion that would be!

Lauren B. couldn't agree more.

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Images: Matt Dunn/ABC (3); Rent The Runway (2); Giphy (1)