Celebs Love March Madness Too, So See Who's Rooting For Your Team

Now that awards season has slowed down and the Super Bowl is behind us, it's time to focus on another important event: March Madness. That's right, the month of March isn't just known for hosting St. Patrick's Day; it is also recognized as the month that includes the highly anticipated NCAA college basketball tournament. Guess what? Just like many of us "normal" sports fans, celebrities are really into March Madness, too.

They probably take filling out their brackets (side note: if you haven't printed out your 2016 brackets yet, here you go) just as seriously as anyone else who is part of a March Madness pool, and also have a particular team they're rooting for, like pretty much everyone who watches the tournament. Me? I'm usually pulling for either Syracuse University or the University of Pittsburgh. I still remember when Syracuse beat the University of Kansas and won the entire thing in 2003. That was a good day.

Anyways, many famous faces take March Madness very seriously and love to attend games, too, because why not if you have the means? It's the one time college basketball fans unite and can enjoy the sport together — or get really heated about losing. With that, let's see which celebs are getting in the spirit of March Madness.

Nick Lachey

Seeing as he's from Cincinnati it's no wonder the former 98 Degrees frontman pays attention to his team the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd loves March Madness and her Kentucky Wildcats. It seems like she follows March Madness every year, which makes total sense, especially since she attended the University of Kentucky.

Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are super fans of the Kansas Jayhawks. Seeing as they like to attend Kansas University games, I'm going to guess that they both really want Kansas to do well in March Madness.

Jennifer Lawrence

Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As a Louisville, Kentucky native, it makes sense that Jennifer Lawrence would root for the Louisville Cardinals. On more than one occasion, she's supported Louisville and even attended games. However, she won't be pulling for them during the 2016 tournament, because Louisville has been banned.

Bridget Moynahan

Based on the above tweet, it sure looks like Blue Bloods actor Bridget Moynahan is also getting into the spirit of March Madness. She posted about it in 2015, too, so you know she's not just hopping on the bandwagon.

Jay Z

Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

That's right, Jay Z likes college basketball, too. Like Judd, he is also a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan. I mean, he is friends with the team's head coach, John Calipari. Yeah, I have a feeling he'll be cheering them on again.

Katie Couric

Clearly, journalist Katie Couric is beyond thrilled for her alma mater, the University of Virginia, qualifying for March Madness and being named the number one seed in the midwest.

Will Chase

The Nashville star appears to love college basketball and has even found himself crushing on ESPN analyst Jay Bilas. I think it's safe to say he's already really enjoying March Madness.


Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Apparently, a lot of celebs are fans of Kentucky. Like Jay Z and Judd, rapper Drake is all about the Kentucky Wildcats. That said, sometimes Drake finds himself in trouble when it comes to the team, so here's hoping that doesn't happen during a March Madness game, because I'm sure he'll want to attend at least one game.

Since there are so many celebs who enjoy March Madness and college basketball, when it comes to filling out your 2016 bracket, just think, "What would Jay Z do?"