6 Q-tip Hacks That Go Way Beyond Applying Makeup

We're often led to believe that the more expensive something is, the better it works. This is especially true when it comes to beauty products. Pricey shampoos promise to promote growth in less time than it takes to fly across the country, and lavish foundations that provide full coverage claim they can do everything except make you avocado toast in the morning. But even if you were to rank all the most exclusive beauty tools on their efficacy, they'd all be beat by the versatility and affordability of a Q-tip. There are just so many ways to use Q-tips that it's pretty hard to think of something they can't do. Most of us rely on them to help keep our beauty routines simple and quick, and make on-the-go touchups stress-free.

But Q-tips can do a whole lot more than teach us how to do the perfect cat eye. They are great for arts & crafts, wedding DIYs, home improvement, and even after-school activities for kids! And we’ve got proof! We’ve partnered with Q-tips to show you just how functional these little guys are. After you've seen what we're talking about, it won't surprise you to hear that the “q” in “Q-tips” stands for “quality.”

Click here to learn six hacks you didn't know you could do with Q-tips.

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Image: Dawn Foster