Is Kim Kardashian's Blonde Hair Real? Let's Examine The Evidence

ICYMI — Kim Kardashian has gone blonde, again. The queen of beauty has become a pro at transforming her hair in the blink of an eye and shocking the world with the unexpected, just like the time she became a platinum blonde practically overnight for Paris Fashion Week. But with her strong affinity for wigs and hair extensions, I have to wonder — is Kim Kardashian's new blonde hair real? Let's examine the evidence.

First of all, Kimmy documented parts of the makeover on Snapchat, posting photos from the salon chair, and even included one that shows her stylist, Cesar Ramirez, holding scissors to her hair with the caption "Midnight cut." If she is showing off the cut, which is obviously real, I can't imagine the color isn't real as well. I mean, we know her hairstylist was present so it's probable he lightened her locks before chopping them, right?

Secondly, this time around the blonde hue is just at the tips of her strands. If she were wearing a wig, we would probably know from her hair line, just as we did when she rocked that bleach blonde wig to Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show. So if it's not a wig, could it be blonde extensions? it's possible, but my guess is no. The blonde color is on the front pieces of her hair and it would be pretty difficult to hide the extensions right up front.

See what I mean?

Here is the proof that she was working with a hairstylist.

Now let's compare Kim with a wig to this new 'do.

See the difference?

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