Here's Why You Need Glossier's Phase 2 Kit

You don't have to be a beauty addict to know what Glossier is. All you need is an Instagram account. Anyone who's anyone has likely witnessed endless social media chatter recently about Glossier's Phase 2 Kit, which was released on Monday by the "cool girl" skincare — and now makeup — brand. Not only has Glossier's previous launches earned rave reviews, but the brand's products are also absolutely adorable and, most importantly, picture perfect for sharing on Snapchat and Twitter. But is the hashtag hype real? Is Glossier's Phase 2 Kit really as good as all the #coolgirls are making it out to be? Let's break it down piece by piece.

If you haven't jumped on the Glossier train just yet, here's a quick refresher on the company. Glossier was founded in 2014 by Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss. It released four simple skincare products perfect for customers who were all about that "no makeup" makeup trend. Glossier's Phase 1 Kit included a soothing face mist, a priming moisturizer, a skin tint, and a skin balm. In July 2015, it launched Coconut Balm Dotcom, a summer update on their universal salve, and followed it up in January 2016 with their Milky Jelly Cleanser. It was obvious that makeup was the next endeavor. Now that Weiss & Co. had fully taken care of your foundational base (aka your face), it was time to introduce some makeup products. Cue: Glossier's Phase 2 Kit.

Glossier Phase 2 Kit, $50, Glossier

The Glossier Phase 2 Kit includes a sheer matte lipstick (Generation G), a concealer (Stretch Concealer), and a tinted brow gel (Boy Brow). To create a kit, customers are asked to choose from four lip shades, five concealer shades, and three brow shades. The complete kit costs $50, but you can buy each product individually.

1. Generation G

Generation G Lipstick , $16, Glossier

Generation G, the sheer matte lipstick, comes in four colors: Jam, Cake, Like, and Crush. Jam is a purple berry hue, Cake is a bronzy nude, Like is a light pink berry shade, and Crush is a pinky red tone. It's made with pomegranate antioxidant complex to keep your lips hydrated and sericite mica, which gives it a matte finish.

The Review

Generation G is like a tinted lip balm, but much more saturated in color with a matte finish. I would definitely recommend exfoliating your lips and swiping on some lip balm before applying Generation G because, well, it's matte. It goes on fairly sheer, so if you want more color, layer a couple extra swipes on. It also doesn't have a lot of lasting power, so keep the lipstick in your pocket or purse if you're out and about, especially if you plan on eating with it on. It doesn't stand a chance against your avocado toast.

2. Stretch Concealer

Stretch Concealer , $18, Glossier

Glossier's Stretch Concealer comes in five different shades: Light, Medium, Dark, Deep, and Rich. It's made with nourishing ingredients (cocoa butter and avocado and jojoba oil) and "elastic micro waxes" to give you that natural, dewy finish. It's meant to "enhance, brighten,...and completely disappear" into your skin.

The Review

Although I haven't gotten to Boy Brow yet, this concealer alone is worth buying the entire kit. Weiss and the gang really nailed it with the Stretch Concealer. As promised, it goes on smooth and doesn't feel stiff, and it totally melts into your skin so you don't have to worry about it looking cakey (read: like you're wearing concealer) or that it'll end up creasing after an hour of wear. It's also super buildable for those mornings when your dark circles are extra prominent.

I haven't tried it yet, but I would argue that you could probably use one of the lighter shades as a highlighter. Dare I say you should buy the entire set and try to contour your face? I'll let you decide.

3. Boy Brow

Boy Brow , $16, Glossier

Glossier's Boy Brow comes in three shades: Blonde, Brown, and Black. It's a tinted brow gel that they call their "all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper." It's meant to thicken your brows, while also conditioning and strengthening them, thanks to its oleic acid.

The Review

If you follow Glossier, you know that their Boy Brow isn't a new launch. Glossier released the product in November and it was so well received that I'm guessing it was what catapulted them into full-on makeup creation mode. The Boy Brow is great for those who want to achieve a natural, fuller-looking brow without having to do to much work.

Like it promised, Boy Brow thickens while also shaping (thanks to a tiny tapered brush). It should be stated, however, that a little goes a long way — don't try to be too ambitious with applying the gel. Take it easy and brush it gently, following the shape of your brow. The beeswax and Carnauba wax definitely keep your brow hairs in order, without appearing too stiff. If you really like a defined arch and a dramatic brow, though, I would use a pencil or pomade first and then finish with Boy Brow as a brow gel.

The Final Verdict

I'm giving Glossier's Phase 2 Kit two big thumbs up (I'm wearing Generation G in Jam, Boy Brow in Brown, and Stretch Concealer in Medium). I used it on top of Glossier's Skin Tint and it all worked really well together to help me achieve a soft and dewy look. I think it'd be a great addition to your everyday makeup routine, but could also work with more dramatic looks, too (specifically the concealer).

I secretly wish it included a blush tint or highlighter, but I'll bet good money that Glossier's got something already in the works. I'm crossing my fingers for more beautiful, natural-looking makeup products in Phase Kit 3!

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Images: Sara Tan