What Color Lip Kit Will Kylie Cosmetics Release Next? Fans Have Strong Opinions On The Matter

It’s been made pretty clear that the world’s obsessed with Kylie Lip Kits, and Kylie Jenner hates to disappoint her fans. So, in an effort to keep coming out with the latest and greatest lippes, Kylie Cosmetics is asking fans what Lip Kit shades they’d like to see next. While there are currently over 5,000 comments, there seems to be a common theme with what people are expecting from Jenner.

Most folks want to see super bold options, including everything from pastels to dark blues and purples. Someone even suggested grey, which isn’t exactly colorful, but it sure would make a statement. And honestly, if anyone could make a grey lip look popular, it’d be Jenner. Her fandom definitely has some strong opinions, but with matte lipsticks this good, I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself when I say I’d be willing to buy whatever shade she put out next. Because it’s hard to say no to a long-lasting lippie, you know?

See nine colors that Kylie’s Kings are hoping to be rocking on their lips, sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed she delivers because these suggestions are pretty amazing. She did let her fans name one of her shades, so maybe she’ll take their advice this time around, too.

Koko K's great and all, but let's see how creative she can get with this next shade, shall we?

1. Violet

She's already teasing a berry-colored shade, but one with even more of a violet undertone would be amazing.

2. Pastels

Jenner's not afraid to rock a pastel hair color, so a pastel lipstick wouldn't be too far outside of the realm of possibilities.

3. Grey

Grey wig, grey lips. I could see it.

4. Dark Blue

A midnight blue shade, perhaps? Yes, please. Make my dreams come true.

5. Pink

Quite a few people are hoping for more pinks, and while she doesn't wear this color often, she did prove how amazing it can look.

6. Forrest Green

Jenner could totally pull off a forest green lip look.

7. Teal

You can't go wrong with a blue-green combo.

8. Peach

A mix between Koko K and 22 would be perfect, wouldn't it?

9. Lavender

I'd love to see a shade inspired by these lavender locks.

Come on, Kyls, show us what you've got!

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