'Daredevil' May Need Room For Fisk In Season 2

A hero is nothing without a great villain, as students of comic book mythology know. A huge chunk of the appeal of the first season of Daredevil was Wilson Fisk. Actor Vincent D'Onofrio embodied a character who couldn't be reduced to a villain archetype. Fisk (who goes by Kingpin in Marvel Comics) is almost a Shakespearean figure, with fascinating layers of moral constancy. Like all good bad guys, Wilson Fisk believes that what he's doing is right, regardless of the means he uses to achieve his goals. Will the formidable crime boss be back in Matt Murdock's life when the new season drops on Friday, March 18? Will Wilson Fisk return in Daredevil Season 2?

It's been a while since Daredevil Season 1 ended, so here's a refresher on how Fisk's story ended. (Spoilers, obviously.) It took two tries, but Wilson Fisk was finally taken (and kept) in police custody. Throughout the season, the delicate partnerships between the various criminal organizations in the city were tested; double-crosses were abundant. One individual's testimony eventually brought down Fisk and dismantled the "savior of the city" image he was trying to construct for himself. Carl Hoffman, the corrupt cop once in Fisk's employ, betrayed him to the police and the FBI. Fisk was put in handcuffs just as he proposed to his love Vanessa (honestly, one of the most well-drawn romances in television), and placed in an armored van.

Of course, one of the officers in the van was in Fisk's pocket and helped arrange a violent escape for him. It all comes down to a showdown between Fisk and Daredevil, who eventually prevails. When the show last left Fisk, he was in a stark prison cell awaiting prosecution. A huge piece of the Fisk narrative is that he rises to meet suffering, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him back on the streets and on top in the very near future.

After all, he wasn't killed, he was placed in jail, and if Season 1 taught us anything, it's that Daredevil's New York is filled with corrupt institutions. D'Onofrio isn't not listed in the cast of Season 2 on IMDB, nor has Netflix released any photos of Fisk's return. But the show could simply be reserving the right to spring Fisk on the audience when they least expect him.

But as much as I enjoyed Daredevil Season 1, I don't need a do-over. So though this version of Wilson Fisk will go down in history as one of the most engrossing villains in the superhero canon, it's time to for some fresh blood. The big news for fans of the comic book is the addition of Punisher (aka Frank Castle), who's played by The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal. Rumors have been flying that Bullseye will also make his debut this season, after an Easter Egg in Season 1 hinted at his eventual introduction.

The addition of these new characters and the expansion of Daredevil's mythology will only heighten the impact of Wilson Fisk's return, if that occurs in Season 2.

Images: Barry Wetcher/Netflix; Giphy