Sonika Vaid Wins The 'American Idol' Judges' Save And Earns A Spot In The Top 5

Are we ready to let go of "Let It Go" yet? Seriously, as much as I love me some Frozen, I'm pretty over hearing it performed on every stage everywhere. Regardless, Sonika Vaid chose to sing the instant classic on the American Idol stage to fight for a spot in the Top 5 — and it worked. Vaid conquered the vocals of Demi Lovato's version of the popular song and it was just enough to beat out Tristan McIntosh for the final judges' save of the season. Though Vaid's showing tonight was enough to get her through to the Top 5, it may just be one her last performances on the Idol stage. Vaid is good, but she's not good enough to beat the remaining competition and make it into the Top 4.

Vaid was also saved in last week's Top 6, so she's lucky she even had the chance to sing tonight. This just goes to show that America isn't as big of a fan of the 20-year-old as the judges are. Since the results now lie solely in the voters hands, Vaid is on her last song in the competition. Unless she does something incredibly amazing this week and her competition completely blows it, her fate is practically sealed and she'll be heading home next week.

At this point in the game, it's okay for Vaid to go home. She's learned just about as much as she can in this cutthroat environment. Though she's talented, she's just not ready for her own music career just yet. Her nervousness before her performance of "Let It Go" was palpable — honestly, I felt bad for the girl. Like McIntosh, she's still so young and has plenty of time to mature both personally and vocally before tackling the music industry. Once she's ready, though, there's no doubt Sonika Vaid will be a force in the industry.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX