Where Is Kanye West's Life Of Pablo Pop-Up Shop? If You're In NYC, You're In Luck

Had enough Kanye West lately? Between his Twitter rants, album release, and new season of Yeezy debut, it seems like Kanye has taken over the pop culture world in one fell swoop. And now, Kanye West is opening a pop-up shop in New York City to sell some "Life of Pablo" merch. If you're in the area and are fanatical for Kanye, you better get your butt lined up there.

If you weren't able to cop some pieces during his fashion week presentation at Madison Square Garden, now's your second chance. Complex reports that there's no confirmation on what exactly will be sold, but assume it will be similar to his pieces at the MSG event. So you can expect hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and perhaps jean jackets, according to Complex.

This is definitely a good opportunity to score some Kanye pieces, since Yeezys pretty much always sell out and are incredibly marked up on eBay and other reselling websites. Ain't nobody got time (or money) for that! But, with any hyped clothing sale, you can expect long, long lines for this one. Don't forget your tent and snacks while you're at it.

Cool, simple, and minimal, no?

As the announcement says, the pop-up shop will be at 83 Wooster Street, from March 18 through March 20. It's open on Friday 4-8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 12-8 p.m. Don't let the fuccbois beat you there — mark your calendars and grab a friend NOW.

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