What Happened To Frank On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? He's Cleared Out

Frank has long been one of the most captivating characters on How To Get Away With Murder. Sam asked Frank to kill Lila, Annalise asked Frank to get rid of Rebecca’s body, and, since then, Frank has become the resident hit man. What we learned in the How To Get Away With Murder finale was that all of this craziness actually started a long time ago. And, one bad decision made over a decade ago caught up with him — Frank disappeared on How To Get Away With Murder and no one knows where he is.

Is he burdened by guilt? Afraid for his life? He probably should be. We learned in the finale that Frank helped bug Annalise’s room during the Wallace Mahoney case, and it was the information found there that made Wallace Mahoney order a hit out on Annalise. That hit was the car crash, which killed Annalise’s unborn son, Sam. Frank, trying to get his guilt off his chest, confessed to Adult Sam, who held it over Frank’s head until he needed Frank to kill Lila. I guess all of the guilt has finally caught up to Frank, because he packed his bags… and just left. Laurel went to his apartment, and it was like Frank just left in the middle of the night — empty closet, bed unmade.

Now, Annalise is a vengeful woman, but I don’t see her ordering Frank to be killed or something. Even though she knows everything that happened to her, Annalise is smarter than to just have Frank murdered. Frank is the hit man, after all. No — I think that Frank finally rediscovered his moral compass (however left of center it is) and bailed. It’s also worth noting that Wallace Mahoney was shot to death (in front of Wes no less) on a New York City street right after Frank disappeared. Was it Frank, making up for killing Annalise’s son? Or another vigilante making good because Wallace was an evil man? I guess we’ll find out in Season 3.

Images: Nicole Wilder/ABC; Giphy