Does The Kylie Cosmetics Mailing List Cost Money? You Will Want To Be A VIP

Your chances of scooping up Kylie Lip Kits are becoming more and more realistic. The teen keeps introducing new colors to the "family," like the rich, royal purple of the just-debuted Kourt K. Restocks are more frequent and her Kylie Jenner app serves as a hub for that information. There is also a Kylie Lip Kit mailing list, which fans, customers, and Lip Kit coveters can sign up for so they can receive details about a fresh Lip Kit supply and new launches. While Jenner's app, which documents her fabulous, pouty puckered life is subscription-based, many have wondered if signing up for the mailing list is the same. Does it cost money to join the Kylie Cosmetics VIP mailing list, which also offers contests and giveaways?

While app access is three bucks per month, which certainly doesn't break the bank, signing up for the Kylie Cosmetics VIP mailing list is totally free. It doesn't cost you a single dime (or any other currency, obviously) to gain access to information bout all things Lip Kit.

Here's how to sign up and it should not take you more than a minute. Head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website and click on "VIP SIGN UP" in the top right corner. Enter your name and email address and create a password. Reply to the confirmation email that is immediately sent to your inbox and you are dunzo!

What does belonging to the VIP membership entail? What does it get you?

It is clearly stated on the site. The description reads, "As a VIP Member you will have access to order and shipping information directly from your account after you place an order. You'll also be added to our email list to receive exclusive updates in the future."

So you will be updated on when your Lip Kit ships, provided you managed to snag one. You will also be privy to updates about replenishments and your shopping info will be saved. Those are of critical importance, since knowledge is power.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Kylie Cosmetics (1)