13 Pixie Cut Hair Accessories That Will Make Your Hairdo Feel Like New

Calling all my pixie cut ladies out there — this article is all about you! I took a deep dive on Etsy to find the coolest pixie cut accessories for spring that are completely amazing. Supporting indie retailers means that you're not only dodging the not-so-awesome world of fast fashion, but you'll also end up with super unique pieces.

If you've yet to join the pixie cut party, I would really encourage you to give the cut a try. It was a look I thought I could never pull off, and has ended up being one the best choices of my beauty life.

Short (short, short) hair is teaching me what femininity outside long, flowing hair can mean and look like, and I'm really enjoying feeling out that space. I've found one of the easiest ways to feel a little more #femme is to pop in an accessory or two.

With festival season and summer around the corner, getting one of these accessories now means you'll be ultra-prepared to look and feel your best as plans pop up. I hope you have as much fun scrolling through all these epic pixie cut accessories as I did scouting them out for you!

1. Golden Laurel Hairpin

Golden Laurel Hairpin, $8, Capybara Studio

Clipping this into the side of long pixie will add a soft boho look.

2. Crystal Headband

Crystal Headband, $18, AmberlynCouture

This sweet crystal headband will work even with the shortest pixie.

3. Thin Bandana

Thin Bandana, $8.99, ColorOnMaterial

A little bandana is one of the easiest ways to manage a messy pixie when you just can't deal.

4. Pink Ranunculus Crown

Pink Ranunculus Crown, $40, CameronCouture

The ultimate accessory for those sweet festival days.

5. Golden Star Bobby Pins

Golden Star Bobby Pins, $14, NestPrettyThingsShop

Keep things cool and tropical with these starfish bobby pins.

6. Dainty White Pip Circlet

Dainty White Pip Circlet, $10.85, tanyaslittleshop

For a delicate boho look, reach for this sweet wraparound headband.

7. Thick Bandana

Thick Bandana, $8.99, BuxomDollClothing

For some nighttime drama, give your pixie some rock'n'roll texture and then tie it up into a thick bandana.

8. Crocheted Hairband

Crocheted Hairband, $22, CrochetKnitArt

This headband is perfect for a casual brunch date outside.

9. Sparkle Bobby Pins

Sparkle Bobby Pins, $2.32, AllUpInTheHair

For a little burst of color, pop one of these little bobby pins in.

10. Gold Leaf Crown

Gold Leaf Crown, $38.18, DelosArtist

Another little bit of festival attire bliss to top a pixie.

11. Little Flower Bobby Pins

Flower Bobby Pins, $5.13, AllUpInTheHair

Who says spring cherry blossoms should get all the attention?

12. Floral Crown

Floral Crown, $15, InTheOpen

When you want to spring itself, add a little baby's breath on top of your gorgeous pixie.

13. Gold Butterfly Bobby Pins

Gold Butterfly Bobby Pins, $25, EchoAndLaurel

If you have a slightly shaggy pixie, you'll have no problem adding a few cute butterflies to your style.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands