Blue Ivy Shows Flower Crowns Are A Springtime Must

March 20 marks the first day of spring, but with the dropping temperatures and the anticipation of snow in New York City, it hardly feels that way to me. Thanks to Beyonce's new photo Blue Ivy, however, I didn't need to look any further than my Facebook feed for springtime, flower crown inspo. Standing in a sun-drenched room with pale pink curtains outfitting the windows behind her (and tiny, seemingly Photoshopped bunnies positioned in her midst), Blue Ivy looks ready for spring in a pink frock and an enormous flower crown. Besides the image of cutie pie Blue inducing all kinds of nostalgic feels for me regarding my childhood, it definitely served as a reminder that flower crowns still exist and still look adorable.

I wore flower crowns throughout high school when the look was first starting to become known as the hipster, Coachella-esque thing to do, but eventually growing bored of it. That said, this angelic image of Blue Ivy is proof that floral crowns are the perfect look to embrace the changing seasons in. What better excuse is there to rock flower crowns than the coming of springtime, or tulips and daisies for Easter? My advice is to take this opportunity to try out larger, more statement-making headpieces like Blue Ivy's. Clearly, they're still very in.

If you want to get on board with this fresh and colorful trend, take a look at some of the sweet flower crowns currently on the market.

1. Roses

Rosy Flowers Headband, $16.94,

Give your outfit a touch of springtime with a dusty pink-colored rose crown. Perhaps it will give you an excuse to rock some more seasonal pastels.

2. Bold

Rock 'N Rose Martha Flower Crown, $70,

Channel a little Frida Kahlo with a larger flower crown. This one's a bit pricey, but the beautiful faux petals make it worth the splurge.

3. Mulitcolored

Flower Crown Headband, $5.90,

If you're into more of a colorful aesthetic, try out this crown! The variety of hues really channels a more tropical vibe, providing a perfect excuse to take that island vacation you've been dreaming of.

4. Simple

Island Falls Flower Crown, $20,

Rocking daintier flower crowns may be old news, but this one is so gorgeous and lifelike that I'd be willing to revive that trend in a heartbeat.

5. Purple

Purple Tones Rose Flower Crown, $20,

Some of the most beautiful handmade flower crowns, like this gorgeous purple and white one, can be found on Etsy. Maybe they'll inspire you to try your hand at making your very own.

6. Formal

Garden Party Princess Flower Crown, $19.99,

Flower crowns aren't only for music festivals and days at the office when you're feeling more whimsical. Invest in a more formal piece to rock for holidays and weddings this spring.

7. Coral

Coral Flower Crown Headwrap, $5.25,

Add a bold pop of color to any pastel-hued look with this bright coral headband.

However you decide to rock the flower crown trend this season, be sure to channel some of Blue Ivy's carefree and total cutie pie vibes.

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Images: Courtesy Brands