These Folks Need To Be In 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Another search for true love has come and gone on The Bachelor, and another Bachelorette — JoJo Fletcher — has been chosen. And you know what that means: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 can't be too far behind. There are plenty of contestants who need to come back for Bachelor in Paradise this time around, and no matter who comes on-board, you know it'll be great entertainment; the TV show is like all the best parts of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette combined, but about finding love in a exotic tropical resort and confessing your secrets to the Confessional Raccoon (who just happens to be an awesome listener).

Every season of Bachelor in Paradise is filled with tons of past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants looking for that second chance at reality-TV love. And even though some, like Caila Quinn, were close to being chosen as The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, I think they should still give it a go on Bachelor in Paradise. You never know who they'll meet and click with from a past season of the show — Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 gave fans the super cute couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who recently got married during the Bachelor At 20: A Celebration of Love special in January. See? Love is totally possible at every stage The Bachelor has to offer.

Here's who I think should definitely return and give it another go in Paradise.

1. Lace

Lace Morris was my favorite during Ben Higgins' season. Her wine-fueled door-lurking, demands for eye contact, and constant utterances of the word "crazy" were amazing. So imagine my disappointment when she checked out of the show three episodes in, but I know she did so for a good reason: self-improvement. Now Lace has told Chris Harrison that she's accepting her invitation to Bachelor in Paradise, and I can't wait. Plus, it'll give Saturday Night Live cast member (and Lace doppelganger) Cecily Strong another chance to break out her spot-on impersonation of Lace.

2. Tiara, The "Chicken Enthusiast"

Tiara had one of the most incredible intro videos of all time. She is literally a chicken enthusiast who has a bunch of awesome chickens. But sadly, she and Ben Higgins didn't hit it off, and so she went home to her feathered friends. I would love to see Tiara look for love in Paradise, even if it means leaving her beloved animals behind.

3. Caila

Though she came close to being The Bachelorette, I'd love to see sweet Caila give it a go on Bachelor in Paradise. After all, a good vacation could help her mend her broken heart.

4. Jubilee

Ben Higgins sent home this army vet with a tragic past when he realize there wasn't a future between them. I'm hoping Jubilee will get another chance at love in Bachelor in Paradise.

4. Juelia

Last season on Bachelor in Paradise, Juelia got pretty hurt by Joe and Samantha's scheming, so I think some redemption is in order. How about another trip to paradise for this single mom, but this time without Joe and Samantha's secret texting and manipulations?

5. Olivia

She loved Ben Higgins, but sadly, he didn't feel the same way. Olivia made some questionable choices throughout her courtship of Ben and house-stay on The Bachelor, but she can make up for it in paradise.

6. And 7. Twins Haley & Emily

The Bachelor made a bold move by having both these sisters compete for Ben Higgins' affections, so I think it would be nice to have them on Bachelor in Paradise, free to find love independently of each other. That's right — they don't have to so-called date as a team.

8. JJ

The single dad did not get back together with the ex he left Bachelor in Paradise for in Season 2, so if he's still indeed single, why not come back and give it another try on Season 3?

9. Jonathan

It seemed like Jonathan Holloway and Cassandra Ferguson found love post-Bachelor in Paradise, but rumors of their split ran rampant recently and Jonathan posted about being single on Valentine's Day, so it sounds like they're kaput. I think this hunky guy could return for another season in paradise.

10. Joshua

Tenley ending things with the hunky welder by the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, so if he's still single, maybe a Season 3 return is in the cards for Joshua Albers to find a new love.

11. Brady

The Christian musician had a short run on The Bachelorette, since he quit once Kaitlyn Bristowe was revealed to be the chosen one and he instead went after Bachelorette No. 2 Britt Nilsson. The two dated for a bit before they broke up, and now I think Brady should give reality TV love another chance — this time, staying more than one episode.

Bachelor in Paradise, you know what to do.

Images: Scott Evans/ABC; Giphy