Men Try The Pregnancy Diet And Surprise, Surprise, They Are Not Big Fans — VIDEO

Turns out being pregnant is just big ole list of things you are or you are not allowed to do. That's why seeing BuzzFeed's men trying the pregnancy diet is weirdly satisfying. Odds are unless there are some medical breakthroughs, they'll never actually have to stick to a "pregnancy diet" themselves — and what better way to learn about it than giving it a test run? I personally don't know much about being pregnant, so to me, any and all information is welcome. (I remember when I found out that women sometimes poop during delivery and my entire world was shattered. This video was no exception to that.)

It seems that we only learn about the intricacies of pregnancy when someone close to us happens to have kids, or if we happen to get pregnant ourselves. I feel like if we knew more about the process beforehand it would be easier for a lot of people involved — but that's just a thought. Seems like the men in the video agree! There are just so many things about the pregnancy diet that only make sense once you are in the situation. Raw fish, alcohol, and cold cuts, for instance, are all of the no-no list of delicious but dangerous objects. Sorry baby, no tuna maki for you (at least not until you are old enough to sit at the grownup table).

I know that I will be a little resentful of not being to eat everything my little heart desires once I begin to start my own family. Dear future partner: it's officially your job to make up for it with love and affection (and maybe not eating soft cheeses in front of me). Until then, I will show them the video from this article and make sure they understand exactly what I would be going through for nine months.

Why Are They Doing It?

Besides the fact that we should all be more empathetic to others, most of the participants in this video know someone who is pregnant directly, or just want to check out what's it's like when they themselves decide to have kids. If I did this challenge it would be to prepare myself for the minefield that is the human pregnancy.

How Some Fared

It looked like most of the trouble came from not being able to eat certain foods like cold-cuts. In a later part of the video a professional explained that most people don't give a flying eff what goes into their bodies UNTIL they are having a baby. Then it's all hands on deck. The men who bravely gave up beer and alcohol fared well. Some (like the one above) had the most trouble after a long night of shooting a video that ran late. I'm sure it was tempting to kick back and have a nice cold beer. Lucky for him, he wasn't growing a fetus inside of him.

The Positives

If we look at the experiment there are definitely positive aspects to the pregnancy diet. Mainly — water. Water is really good for you and, when you drink a lot of it, it means you are doing a lot of good. I'm glad it took a fake pregnancy to get these guys on board! Now excuse me while a chug this entire bottle of water.

Watch the full video below!

Images: YouTube