Olivia Needs To Join 'Bachelor In Paradise'

As far as reality TV villains are concerned, Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi was one of the best. The 23-year-old news anchor from Texas ruffled more than a few feathers during her stint on The Bachelor this season, and boy, was it fun to watch. Though Ben ultimately ended up with Lauren Bushnell, a woman who seems to be better suited for his no-drama attitude, there was no shortage of entertainment while Olivia was still on the show. Since she makes such great TV, fans are wondering if Olivia will be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3.

Olivia spoke with Glamour magazine about her turn on The Bachelor, and admitted that she "had a rough time" on the show. Olivia's forward attitude towards winning Ben over did not win her many friends amongst her Bachelor housemates, who made fun of her about her looks from her legs to her toes. (So rude.) While Olivia told Glamour that she doesn't believe her real personality came through on the air, I for one appreciated her candor and unwillingness to let herself be bullied just for speaking her mind. Who says you should be reviled just for going after what you want? Olivia's brazenness and knack for chasing what she wanted made me excited that she could end up being the next Bachelorette, though she told Glamour that she is not at all interested in that role.

Luckily for Olivia, the role of Bachelorette has been passed on to Bachelor sweetheart, JoJo Fletcher. But I don't think I'm alone and hoping that Olivia reappears on another Bachelor show. Even though she was openly reviled by the rest of the cast as they all vied for Ben Higgins' affections, some fans appreciated her honesty about her intentions. Although she was criticized for making cracks about Amanda Stanton being a "teen mom," it could have just been a verbal slight brought on by the nervous nature of having no one else in the room support you. Olivia's (literal) big mouth allowed her to skyrocket to infamy, and though she did have some trouble making friends, it is her frank honesty and drive that would make her a great candidate to watch on Bachelor in Paradise.

Though there has been no official release about the casting of the third season of the spin-off series (aside from producer Mike Fleiss's confirmation that Lace Morris will be on Bachelor in Paradise), we can dare to dream about who else may be featured on the show. According to BuddyTV, Longtime Bachelor host Chris Harrison told reporters who he hopes to see, namedropping Olivia alongside the infamous twin sister duo Haley and Emily Ferguson, single mother Amanda Stanton, and war veteran Jubilee Sharpe.

The series will start filming after the upcoming season of The Bachelorette wraps up, so even if Olivia is hesitant about appearing on another TV show, she has plenty of time to mull it over. And, for the sake of drama and redemption (some villains, like JJ Lane, have come out looking rosey after the spinoff), I hope she agrees to join!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC