16 Friends We All Have On Snapchat

With technology being used by everyone these days, it's hard not to stay connected with people. Before we had Facebook, Twitter, and Google Hangouts, friendships would be tested by long distance. Now, our friends can reach us through fifty different social media accounts and keep us updated on exactly what they are up to. I personally cannot complain. I love getting to hear about every minute detail my friends have going on — after all, they are my friends.

Recently, my favorite way to communicate has become Snapchat. While you cannot have entire conversations with one another due to the time restriction on messages — you can get really creative. And let me tell you, I get creative . Snapchat lets me send my friends the craziest, wackiest, and most embarrassing pictures with a self destruct timer built right in. I'm basically one step away from being Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. I send weird pictures that let me have four chins, sexy winking faces as a response to food and videos that have absolutely no picture but feature the sounds of my upstairs neighbor having sex. Like I said — very close to Tom Cruz.

As much as I can (and will continue to) toot my own horn, I noticed that my friends fall into very specific Snapchat categories. I pride myself of switching it up almost every single time, but that's not the case for everyone. There are go-to people for humor, people for club videos, and finally, my favorite category of people: the foodies. Those Snapchats are always welcome. I love your breakfast snaps, your lunch snaps, and even your dinner snaps. Here are all the categories of friends you can have on Snapchat — try and figure out which one you are.

1. The One Who Loves Filters

This person cannot wait to show you their new filter face. They usually send videos the moment one makes them laugh.

2. The One Who Really Loves Filters

This friend will double up on filters when they can. You are always amazed they can also edit the color of the text.

3. The Friend From High School That You Haven't Seen In A While

This person will not text, they will not send you a Facebook message — they go for the face-to-face kill. It's enough to feel out if the friendship is still there, but also not a big deal if you don't get a snap back.

4. The Meme Queen

The Internet is this person's second home. You will always be treated to the best memes, videos, and social media perks of having this friend around. Get ready to laugh at a lot of cats.

5. The Ride Or Die Friend

Only your ride or die friends will send you snaps of them pooping. The sign of a true friendship in my opinion. Bonus points if it's in a public restroom.

6. The Friend Stuck In The '90s

In case you forgot your childhood, this friend will remind you.

7. The Foodies

Like I mentioned previously, these people are my favorite. I love food, and seeing delicious platters depicted in my newsfeed is always welcome! It's a Yelp review in real time.

8. The Dirty Texter

There are those friends (myself included) that love sexual innuendos and puns. I wish there were more of them out there.

9. Half Face Sally

There is always that one friend who only shows half their face on Snapchat. Either that or they do a very high up angle that hides their outfits from you. I WANA SEE ALL OF YOU FRIEND.

10. The Goofy Friend

This friend is not afraid to be as weird as possible. They are ready to send you unflattering angles and makeup free morning selfies.

11. The Announcer

This friend will not tell you they are at your house until they are outside your door and knocking. This snap was their warning.

12. The Drug Dealer

Blunts, roaches, bongs, and smoke. Those are the usual pictures you will receive for this type of friend. With 4/20 coming up, expect the picture rate to increase.

13. The Artistic Doodler

This friend is able to enhance pictures with finger doodles. They are funny, clever and all around bad-ass types of people.

14. The Undercover Bragger

This person will complain about things that aren't actually that bad. Then ask you to hang out and cheer them up.

15. The Soft Boy

Unlike the f*ckboys in your life, the softboys will ditch you and apologize for being emotionally distant. Won't stop them from hitting you up at 2 a.m. on the Snapchat.

16. The Sleeper

Finally, this friend is an insomniac. They are great to have around when you are pulling an all nighter or just cannot seem to fall asleep yourself. It's always nice to know you are not alone.

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Images: Dasha Fayvinova/Snapchat