9 Surprising Beauty Uses For Ice Cubes

by Lindsey Rose Black

Sometimes the best beauty products are ones you not only already have on hand, but don't even think to use. One of those so-obvious-it's-under-the-radar beauty products is ice. Yep, frozen water, y'all. I've pulled together some epic beauty uses for ice that might surprise you.

It might still be barely above freezing here in Brooklyn, but in other parts of the world, spring is 100 percent here, things are heating up, and jumping into a bucket of ice maybe doesn't sound so bad. If you're starting to melt thanks to rising temps, these ice cube beauty tips will help you get your glow and keep nice and cool.

By the way, you can do some extra fun things with any leftover ice cubes you have after these DIY beauty hacks. Bustle writer Rebecca Santiago shared tons of sexy foreplay ideas with ice cubes (yes, including the infamous ice cube blow job), while Jaime Ritter had some solid ideas for cold brew and ice concoctions!

Whether you're hoping to boost your glow, fight a pimple, or just freaking dry your nail polish, get pumped for all the ways a simple ice cube can achieve all your beauty needs!

1. Shrink A Pimple

I talked about how an ice cube is all you need for the one thing to conceal a pimple, and it works every time. Farewell, inflammation.

2. Boost Circulation

HelloGlow shared that, to improve circulation and tighten your skin, try dunking your face in ice water for an "ice facial" each morning. Bonus points for the fact it's going to wake you the heck up!

3. Reduce Puffy Eyes

According to ThriveMedSpa, one of the quickest ways to reduce puffy eyes is reaching for ice cubes. The site advised, "Gently press an ice cube against your eyes for about 10 minutes ... After you have removed the ice cubes from your eyes, pat them dry with towel."

4. Get An Instant Glow

Trace Barnhill shared on IntoTheGloss that the easiest way to fake that "yeah, I just ran seven miles in the snow" glowing flush is by taking an ice cube and rubbing it over your face after stepping out of the shower. It will shrink pores and give you the flush and glow you're after.

5. Tweeze Without Pain

In her video that includes five awesome beauty hacks with ice, POPxo explained one of the best uses is rubbing ice cubes over brows before plucking to numb your skin. That way, you can pluck ouch-free!

6. Apply Makeup Smoothly

Since running an ice cube over your face tightens pores, Beautylish shared that ice works as an epic smoothing primer before applying foundation. Talk about money-saving bliss since you'll never need to buy primer again!

7. Dry Nails Fast

Spotted on LifeHack, you can dry nails fast simply by dipping your painted nails into a bowl of ice water. Leave them for a few minutes, then allow to air dry.

8. Cleanse Your Face

HelloGlow had an awesome idea for pureeing together cucumber, lemon juice, and honey, then freezing the mixture into face cleansing ice cubes. To use, the site advised, "Gently rub the cube over your face and neck, using the icy slush to exfoliate."

9. Massage Your Body

After a long day, getting your roomie or partner to rub ice over your back in a circular motion can help soothe strained muscles and relax before bed according to Spine-Health. Yes, please.

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Images: Author's Own; Keran Look Loy, Ondrej Supitar, Tara Urso, Manu Camargo, Neill Kumar, Kris Atomic, Jairo Alzate/Unsplash