11 Reasons To Give Heels A Chance If You're Tall

Here's a little pep talk for when you're standing in front of your closet on a Friday night, unsure as to whether you should strap on those stilettos or trade them in for flats: No matter how towering you might be, you shouldn't be scared of wearing heels if you're tall. Granted, all your friends probably hit you at chin-height when you add a few inches onto your Saturday night look. Yes, your dates sometimes have to go on their tip toes to kiss you goodnight. Sure, you might get an affectionate, "Hey, bean sprout," tossed towards you every now and then. Those things don't have to be uncomfortable, though.

The truth is that we all come in different shapes and sizes, angles and curves, and being tall is just a part of that. Rather than imagining a life in which you could shop in the petite section, my advice is to stop daydreaming and start embracing all the benefits your height can offer you. Speaking as a bean pole myself, I can say with absolute certainly that learning to love my length has directly correlated to a happier existence.

Being tall literally means you were born to stand out, so try not to hunch your shoulders or only choose flats. If you like heels, just wear them. And I'll tell you exactly why. Here are 11 reasons you should wear heels if you're tall, and learn to love your frame.

1. You'll Grow Comfortable With Not Blending In

It can be hard to see people staring or to have to deal with double glances because you don't blend in with the rest of the crowd. But where's the fun in following along with the status quo just for the sake of it? Why would you toss away your sartorial individuality, personality, and creativity just because you might get some lingering side-eye glances on the train?

That seems like an awful lot you'd be trading in just for the sake of getting home unnoticed. So wear those heels and become comfortable with standing out. You have to start somewhere if you ever want to break the negative self-talk habit, and it might as well be with a killer stiletto.

2. It'll Boost Your Confidence

There's something about a high heel that can make you move like you're Jessica Rabbit — all slinky and knowing. That, or you'll appear to be eating up the pavement in strong, boss-lady strides. Either way, a stiletto has the power to give you confidence much in the same way a good hair day might: You know you're slaying, you know you look ah-mazing, and your mood and the way you carry yourself reflect that.

3. Because Other People's Insecurities Aren't Your Problem

It wasn't me or you who decided that our tall selves shouldn't wear heels. It was probably some shorties who didn't feel comfortable enough in their own height to let someone hang a couple of inches over them. Just because someone doesn't embrace their own stature doesn't mean you can't. Their insecurities have no business resting on your shoulders.

4. It's Time To Move Past The "Small Is Attractive" Ideal

I mean, small is attractive (holler at me, petites!), but so is tall, round, curvy, built, muscly, or stout. There's this prevailing social idea that in order to be feminine and attractive you must fit inside someone's breast pocket, and I think it's time to put that kind of old school thinking to rest. If you're just as tired of it as I am, the best way to retire that trope is to prove that it's untrue. Stilettos tonight it is!

5. You Might Inspire Another Person Who's Self Conscious

My favorite thing about style is that it has the ability to inspire others while you're out walking around on the street. You might see someone embracing their tastes and enjoying their body, and feel a zing that makes you think, "Hmm, maybe I can do that, too."

So wear those heels for the fellow people who are uncomfortable with their height and dream of shrinking. Show them that embracing the shape of one's body isn't as scary as they think.

6. Sometimes Heels Turns An Outfit Into A Banger

I love flats just as much as the next lady, but sometimes a look can completely transform with a beautiful pair of heels. And are you really going to rob yourself a street-style moment just because you might pop out a little in the crowd? Nah, girl. The answer is nah.

7. What's A Couple Of Extra Inches, Anyway?

If you're already tall, chances are you're already easy to spot. You have to look down in order to talk to people, and you're standing a good couple of inches higher than the cute, "average" height people you're flirting with at the bars.

So honestly, what's another couple of inches? Do you really think a little more oomph will make a colossal difference? You're tall either way, so you might as well have fun with it.

8. You Don't Need To Win Over Insecure Dates

If you're worried that your date or current eye candy will be put off with your lanky, long legs, then I have a question to ask you: Why would you want to go out with them, anyway? If they can't handle lifting their head a little to talk to you, then chances are there'll be a whole bunch of other stuff they'll be a downer about.

9. You Should Dress For Yourself & No One Else

It's a complete game-changer: The moment you stop making choices that reflect the preferences of humans you've never met and don't have to care about, and start making choices that revolve around what you like. You might feel happy and confident, and even like yourself when you put something on your body that reflects what you love. Please stop dressing for people, and start dressing for yourself.

10. "Small" Will Never Be Your Adjective

Listen: You'll never be affectionately called shorty, and you'll never be perceived as petite and tiny. If those are not your adjectives, let yourself enjoy the ones you have. You're tall, so act tall. There's not much you can do to change your height, so instead un-tighten the hold you have on this image of what you "should" be, and begin to love the image you actually are.

11. There Will Be Just As Many Admiring Stares As Bewildered Ones

Yes, some people will back into their Napoleon complexes and be scared of your long, long legs. But the other half of those lingering looks will likely be of pure admiration and, dare I say it, slight envy. I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me at a bar to tell me that they love the fact that I wear stilettos even though I'm tall. To which I usually nod my head in general agreement and salute them with my drink.

So are you ready to bust out your stilettos? I'll see my fellow tall girls outside.

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Images: thetallsociety/Instagram