Here's Why I Love Wearing Heels As A Tall Girl

As a gangly, long-limbed adolescent, I struggled to come to terms with my height. But as a full-grown, way more body confident adult, I'm happy to report that I'm a tall girl who wears heels and loves it. Where I used to shy away from comments about being a string bean while allowing gender norms about tall women to get me down, I can now embrace my nearly 5'9" self fully.

I was particularly tall for my age throughout school, always among the most bean pole-esque kids in my class. I cringe when I remember the boy I had a crush on in middle school. I was too afraid to stand next to him, simply because he was much shorter than me. Even though I can hardly believe it now, I used to balance on the outer sides of my feet in the hopes that this would take about an inch off my height, particularly because all my shoes had a slight platform. Nowadays, my fiancé is actually taller than me, but I wouldn't be bothered if I were the "stilts" in the relationship.

Although there are some struggles we tall girls face from time to time, like finding clothes to cover our limbs or never having enough legroom on planes, we shouldn't be creating more problems for ourselves based on what society and mainstream media deem attractive or feminine. This is why I love wearing heels as a tall girl.

1. I Love Being Able To See Everything

I rarely have to stand on my tip toes to see over people at concerts, in crowds, or in packed bars. When I have my heels on, I can stand anywhere between 5’11” and 6'1" and it is legitimately cool being able to spot friends in crowds and see performers clearly.

2. I Can Reach Everything

Reaching for the rails on public transportation? Piece of cake. Trying to get snacks out of the highest cupboards in my kitchen? Heels make it easy. Giving my 6’3” partner a smooch? Much simpler in platforms. I can normally reach most high-up things with ease, but when I’ve got my heels on, I feel like nothing can escape my grasp.

3. I Stand Out In A Crowd

According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, the average height for women in America is about 5'3", a similar statistic to that of the average woman in England, as reported by the BBC. So with my being a good five or six inches taller than the average woman sans high heels, and another eight to 12 inches taller than the average woman when wearing them, it’s safe to say I definitely stand out in a crowd when I’m sporting stilettos.

Some people dislike looking different or standing out, but as someone who comes from a performance background and who has grown to love an aspect of myself that I once viewed as a flaw, I love it!

4. I Don’t Struggle With The Extra Inches

Like most people, my feet hurt after wearing a particularly uncomfortable pair of heels for a number of hours. But I don’t usually struggle with any other aspects of wearing high heels, like the heel height itself. This probably comes down to the fact that I’m already head and shoulders above most of my friends anyway, so what’s a few more inches?

5. It’s Harder To Get Lost

When you’re in a crowded bar, club, concert hall, or festival with friends, it's inevitable that you’ll end up losing them at some point. Instead of having to wear a bright outfit or a recognizable accessory, I can use my heels to give me the extra boost I need so I can be found super easily if and when I get lost. As long as I don’t sit down, I usually get found eventually.

6. High Heels Make Me Feel Feminine

As a gal who often enjoys showcasing her own brand of femininity, I feel like wearing heels enables me to channel vintage icons and Hollywood starlets. These glamorous gals, such as Marilyn Monroe, would often be seen sporting stilettos and looking incredible in them.

Whenever I wear heels, I try to channel the femme power of these beautiful, confident women. I have so much fun unleashing my inner Marilyn that I don't even think about how tall I look.

7. I Feel Strong & Empowered

The added tallness I get from wearing heels makes me feel more capable, powerful, and ready for anything. I especially love strapping them on for a night out. I actually find that if I wear my highest heels, pull some big moves on the dance floor, and give off confident vibes, I attract less strangers hoping to dance with me or make uncomfortable cat calling remarks. Maybe I intimidate some folks, which is kind of OK in my book. All I know is that this saves me all the time of having to explain that I’m not looking for love and that they can go find someone else to dance with.

Being a tall girl is fantastic, and we should never feel worried about wearing heels or looking "bigger than the boys." Just pop on your skyscraper stilettos, and go have some fun.

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