11 Heeled Sandals That Are As Comfy As Flats

Even if you devoutly worship at the alter of the stiletto, sometimes you probably don't have it in you to suffer for fashion. But the lucky thing is, you don't have to. There are plenty of heels that are as comfortable as flats, and still as stylish as your most lethal pair of pumps. And now with spring coming, chances are you'd like some heeled versions of your favorite sandals to add to that collection. Gone are the days of regretting wearing your spikes 30 minutes into the party, hopping into cabs instead of hobbling down another block, losing feeling in your toes, or walking barefoot home because you #justcant.

Granted the likes of Carrie Bradshaw made running down city streets in four-inch stilettos look like a piece of cake, but those of us who have tried to do the same likely know that she probably has a little bit of black magic in her. If you want to pull the same move and wear your heels for hours, you're going to need a comfy pair that doesn't send your feet crying. While that might sound like an oxymoron at times, I've found 11 pairs that are just as comfy as your most worn-in ballet flats, and will let you keep dancing, running errands, and eating up pavement all day long. Now the question is: Which of these comfortable spring heels are you going to try first?

1. Lace-Up Heels

Destructured cord shoes, $69.99,; Suede Lace Up Heels, $34,

Remember the lace-up sandals that were all the rage last summer? Here they are, with an update. It's your pointy toe shoe with a twist. The thin stiletto is relatively small, letting you skip the cab and walk to your brunch spot. Plus, the lace-up detailing will add a kick to any outfit.

2. Lace-Up Wedge Sandals

Leather Wrap Sandals, $78, Zara | Sole Diva Lace Up Wedge Sandals, $57, Simplybe

These wedges are all support. With your ankles secured and the wedge on a reasonable incline, these stylish options will feel like something akin to your trainers.

3. Platform Wedges

Together Pom Pom Wedges, $77, ASOS | Sole Diva Lace Up Wedges, $67, Simplybe

Take your favorite flat sandals and add a big, clunky wedge to them. Instant flair!

4. Chunky Platform Heels

Prosper Platform Heels, $77, ASOS | Heath Wide Fit Platform Heels, $72, ASOS

It's not impossible to get some major height and come home without your feet aching. The trick to avoiding soar feet and blisters is to invest in platforms. With a thick sole, your foot won't rest on such a steep incline, letting you dance for hours more than you'd expect.

5. Block Sandals

High Heel Leather Lace Up Sandals, $56, Zara | Treasure Wide Fit Heeled Sandals, $60, ASOS

It's all about those block heels. When you don't have to balance on a heel as thick as a number two pencil, you can take surer strides and not have to use all your concentration on balancing.

6. Clogs

New Look Heeled Clogs, $51, ASOS | Sole Diva Platform Sandals, $67, Simplybe

Thick, wooden soles make for the comfiest shoes. Sweden knew what was up!

7. Mules

Got the Answer Heel in Blush, $120, Modcloth | Heavenly Soles Mule Shoe, $82, Besimply

Itching for something minimalistic but don't want to sacrifice any height? Opt for open back mules, giving you the best of both worlds.

8. Block Heels

New Look Block Heels, $13, ASOS | Sole Diva Block Heels, $41, Simplybe

This chic style looks just like a classic stiletto with its unassuming straps and clean lines, but will provide you more support and comfort with its thick, square heels.

9. Thick Strap Sandals

Senso Xander White Leather Block Heeled Ankle Strap Sandals, $165, ASOS | Pointed Sling Backs, $28, New look

Heels are always easier to walk in if your foot is safely secured, so try on these thick strap sandals. The bold lines will not only add a punch to your outfit, but the heavy straps will make sure you don't go teetering out the door.

10. Chunky & Clunky Heels

Nirvana Chunky Sandals, $43, Topshop | Black Platform Sandals With Silver Trim Heel, $40, Yours Clothing

When you've got weight on your foot like this clunky fit, it'll be hard to teeter. Instead, your foot will be evenly balanced throughout the whole sole, letting you wear these puppies all day long without crying over your aches.

11. Sling Back Ankle Boots

ELINOR Sling Back Ankle Boots, $65, ASOS | Sole Dive Shoe Boots, $49, Simplybe

Perfect for the springtime because of their breathable cut-outs, these four-inch heels will be a treat to walk in because of their strong structure and block heels.

While sometimes a cool stiletto is hot and sharp, that isn't the only shoe around when you want to add some height to your look. Try these styles out and never cry over a blister again.

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Images: Courtesy Brands