What Does This Mean For Brienne In 'GoT' Season 6?

by Jordana Lipsitz

Game of Thrones fans, rejoice: This news is pretty major. According to The Guardian, GoT star Gwendoline Christie is joining Season 2 of Top of the Lake , and will appear alongside Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss in the series. However, being a huge GoT fan and also a journalist, as much as I'm excited to see Christie in another role, I have to ask the question that I'm sure many GoT fans are wondering as well: If Christie is starring in this new series, does this mean her character, Brienne of Tarth, is going to be killed off? Because, honestly, this would be a reality I'm not entirely comfortable with.

Let's focus on the positive first, shall we? According to Deadline, Christie will be in the second series of Top of the Lake. Season 1 of the mystery crime drama, if you're not familiar, centered around Robin Griffin (Moss), a detective in a small New Zealand town, in which a pregnant 12-year-old tries to drown herself in a frozen lake, only to mysteriously disappear. Season 2 will pick up four years later when an unidentified body washes up on the shore of a beach in Sydney. I am not sure how Christie will fit in, but I'm excited to see what she brings to the table — and is Christie, according to a statement she made to Hollywood Reporter:

"I am so delighted to be working on Top of the Lake 2. [Co-director and co-writer] Jane Campion has been a major creative influence throughout my life and I could not feel more privileged to be working on the next installment of her unique and enthralling drama, alongside the brilliant Elisabeth Moss.”

Now, just because Christie has joined a new show absolutely does not mean that Brienne was served a death sentence in Season 6. Considering Game of Thrones' shooting schedule isn't that intensive (only 10 episodes versus the standard 22 usually seen on American television — not to mention the series is largely ensemble, so a giant cast means actors need to be present less scenes than other shows might require), actors in the series still participate in other projects while still appearing on GoT. Emilia Clarke, for instance, filmed two whole movies!

That said, I still can't help but worry that this — as well as the fact she is now a part of the Star Wars franchise as Captain Phasma — could be a sign that Christie has been cut from Game of Thrones. After all, Westeros isn't the safest of places (to say the least), and death seems to be imminent for the brave and noble.

These fears aren't unfounded, either: In the books — sorry guys, it's spoiler time — Lady Stoneheart (who just so happens to be the resurrected Catelyn Stark) has her Brotherhood Without Banners hang Brienne for treason. Yes, it's not clear if Brienne actually dies, but STILL. Considering Lady Stoneheart hasn't appeared in the HBO series (and might not at all) makes this plotline a little less likely, but it's still not worth ruling out just yet. But what if Stoneheart does appear in Season 6, and Brienne is killed? What if this is all a sign?

While I do hope that Season 6 of GoT doesn't lead to the death of Brienne of Tarth, though, this is still exciting news. More Christie on TV is never a bad thing!

Season 6 of GoT will premiere April 24.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO (1), Giphy (1)