17 Kissing Tips From Men

by Danielle Page

In middle school, some of us swiped through magazines for the the best tips on how to kiss. Some of us asked our older sisters for their advice. Some of us traded kissing dos and don'ts during sleepovers with friends. Whatever your source for the best way to kiss, you eventually figured out how to do it on you own, naturally with a few awkward moments and some slobbering along the way. But most of the kissing tips you heard back then probably came from women. Ever wonder what kind of tips men would give on how to kiss well?

Even though you probably have your kissing strategy down by now, there's no harm in picking up some new moves to bring to your next makeout session, whether it's about tempo or how you move your tongue. And sometimes, it's not even about what you're doing with your mouth. Sometimes, putting your hand on the back of your partner's neck is what makes all the difference.

I asked 17 guys to give me their opinions on what makes for the best kiss ever. Of course, what works for one person may not work for you, but you're welcome to use these tips as inspiration to try something new or a reminder that you should totally make the first move.

1. John, 26

Definitely hand on the back of the neck while we're kissing. Gets me every time. Or a little unexpected tug on the ear or kiss under the jaw.

2. Scott, 29

Kissing is like dancing the tango with your lips. You lead your partner through the dance — sometimes subtly, sometimes a little more forcefully.

3. Steven, 28

Vary the tempo. Sometimes fast and urgent, like you are the last lovers on earth. Sometimes slow and sensual, like you're the first lovers on earth.

4. Leonard, 32

Tease. Brush your lips across each other lightly. Feel each other's breath. Build anticipation.

5. Anthony, 25

Start slow! Lip-to-lip action first, with a few slips of the tongue as a tease. When it gets a bit more hot and heavy, move your tongue slowly in a circular motion before going back to lips to lips. And repeat.

6. Rick, 21

Go for a passionate kiss at an unexpected time, like during an argument.

7. Dan, 27

I'm just happy when someone's kissing me.

8. Leo, 29

Don't go straight for the tongue. Part your lips slightly and grab onto his upper or lower lip with your lips. Eventually you can get your tongue involved, but start here.

9. Caleb, 24

As you're kissing, let your tongues graze. The key is to proceed gently and patiently. It's like Otis Redding said: Try a little tenderness.

10. Scott, 27

There are two ways that my girlfriend and I kiss. One is the 'This is a nice, but it isn't leading to anything' kiss, which is quick and light and in passing. But the one where we're essentially inside each other's mouths is my favorite, because it means I'm about to get laid.

11. Joe, 24

Bite a little. Lightly, of course. Throwing a surprise new sensation into the mix like that is really hot.

12. Tim, 27

When a girl takes control and goes in for the kiss, it's a huge turn on and a welcome change of pace.

13. Kyle, 23

When I pull away a little and see that she's smiling while she's kissing me. If you like what's happening, smile.

14. Sean, 30

Don't let it become a power struggle. Either lead the action or let them, but fighting for control of the kiss is going to leave you both with chapped lips.

15. Anthony, 24

Migrate. Preferably to my neck and ear. Ear stuff does it for me. Is that weird?

16. Marco, 27

Lip gloss is the devil. It makes your face sticky when you're trying to make out. You don't need it. It should be banned.

17. Stan, 22

I like a little tug of war. I let my girl take the reins for a while while we're making out, but then I like to get the power back.

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