14 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Contestants Who Have Normal Jobs, Because Not Everyone Became A Model Post-Show

What happens to Bachelor/Bachelorettes when their time in the spotlight has passed? Some of them quit their jobs, pack their bags and attempt some type of modeling/entertainment career in Los Angeles. Others go back home and resume their jobs and go back to life exactly the way it was before they went on national TV to find love. After 31 seasons of interesting job titles on The Bachelor/Bachelorette , I decided to see what former contestants were up to and which Bachelor Nation members went back to having super normal jobs.

Before we get to the normal jobs, let’s look at a few people who are using their TV fame to advance their careers. Andi Dorfman, Courtney Robertson, and Sean Lowe decided to write books about their experience in the spotlight. Others, like Ali Fedotowsky and Tenley Molzahn went on to build their personal brand and start new businesses. Fedotowsky's got her blog, while Tenley has been promoting her new health food line. Apparently not finding love on TV means you go on to make some awesome career choices.

However, some people prefer to go back to a regular lifestyle! Here are 14 former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants that went back to normal jobs after the show.

1. Clare Crawley

After her time on The Bachelor and both trips to Paradise, Clare Crawley is back working as a hairstylist in Sacramento. Although it looks like she does some Instagram ads for products on the side, she's still working her normal job.

2. Jillian Anderson

Once upon a time, Jillian was a broadcast journalist living in D.C., but, five months ago, she announced via Instagram that she'd moved to Colorado. She landed a broadcast job near Colorado Springs with Fox News, which is a normal and awesome gig for her!

3. Ben Zorn

Ben is definitely not the first or the last Bachelorette contestant who went back to their job as a personal trainer. He is constantly posting about working out and the clients he works with, so it seems he's back to his normal life. I just picked Ben because of all the personal trainers that have been on the show (and there’s a lot), he’s by far the hottest.

4. Britt Nilsson

Although she's doing a ton of side work with World Vision, Britt Nilsson told Bustle that her full-time job is working as a research assistant for a law firm in Los Angeles.

5. Tanner Tolbert

Tanner Tolbert had great success on Bachelor in Paradise, but didn't let it change his day-to-day life. Tanner is still in Kansas City working at Honda where he recently got a promotion, according to this Instagram picture.

6. Jaclyn Swartz

As far as I know, Jaclyn is still an employee at The Onion. She posted this photo at the office a few months ago before she went on an epic vacation to South America.

7. Robert Graham

Originally labeled on the show as an “advertising entrepreneur,” Robert is working as the director of marketing for a company called Vampped. They specialize in re-branding companies, focusing on social media.

8. Michael Garofola

After being a contestant on The Bachelorette, Michael Garofola continued to be a lawyer, which is an awesome career path for anyone, but pretty normal for the Bachelor world. About five months ago, he posted on Instagram that he left Texas and moved to New York City, where I’m pretty sure he’s still lawyering. He’s also got a cute dog. So that’s cool.

9. The Ferguson Twins

The twins are both cocktail waitresses at Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas. Normal? Debatable, but it was their job before the show started and they are back at it now that it’s over. So I say, that’s going back to a normal life.

10. Christy Hansen

Christy Hansen was one of the gals competing for Juan Pablo’s heart in Season 18, but these days she's working at a salon in Georgia.

11. Chris Strandburg aka Cupcake

Don't worry, guys. Cupcake is still a dentist.

12. Chris Soules

I was debating not adding Chris to this list since he went on to do Dancing with The Stars and other things that aren’t "normal," but he’s still a farmer and that’s pretty normal, right?

13. Ashley & J.P. Rosenbaum

Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum Seem to be probably the most normal couple that has come out of the show and I mean that in the best way! They are now parents to a beautiful baby and Ashley is working as a Pedodontist. I have no idea if J.P. is still a construction manager, but he’s really good at live-tweeting The Bachelor.

14. Sarah Herron

Sarah Herron was on Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor and the first season of Bachelor in Paradise. She was listed as an advertising executive on the show and, according to her Twitter bio, she’s still at the agency 72andSunny as an art director to this day. Back to the grind!

So, yeah, a lot of Bachelor stars sell teeth-whitening devices on Instagram post-show. But, just as many go back to the real world, which is both comforting and a little sad. Such is the life of a Bachelor contestant!

Images: Clodaugh Kilcoyne/ABC