Will Glossier Phase 2 Go On Sale? Here's What You Should Know

Glossier's Phase 2 set officially became available on March 14, and it's full of all kinds of makeup goodness. But if you scanned the prices and are sitting there wondering, "Will Glossier Phase 2 go on sale?" I have some encouraging news for you. I can't promise any news of sale, but there are certain ways to "hack" the Phase 2 set.

If you're not already sold on the goodness that is Glossier's Phase 2 set, prepare to be. One of Bustle's beauty editors, Sara Tan, gave the kit "two big thumbs up" in her review of Glossier. She even went on to say, "This concealer alone is worth buying the entire kit. Weiss and the gang really nailed it with the Stretch Concealer. As promised, it goes on smooth and doesn't feel stiff, and it totally melts into your skin so you don't have to worry about it looking cakey." Hard to beat, no?

The kit totals at $50, and features one Generation G sheer matte lipstick (you pick between four colors), Stretch Concealer (five shade choices), and Boy Brow (three shades). But if you just don't have $50 to shell out for the whole kit, there are a few ways to possibly snag the products on the cheap!

1. Sign Up For The Newsletter

Every once in awhile Glossier will feature a deal, and you can definitely expect to know about it buy clicking subscribe for their newsletter!

2. Follow Glossier On Insta

Similar to the newsletter, announcements are sometimes made on Insta when product deals are offered.

3. Buy Products One At A Time

Stretch Concealer, $18, glossier.com

Do you need that Stretch Concealer right now? Then go ahead and buy it individually! A concealer for $18 that's that high in quality is well worth it, and you can always purchase more of the kit over time if you decide to.

4. Realize It's Actually A Pretty Good Deal

You know, all things considered, $50 for a gorgeous lip color, super effective concealer, and awesome tinted brow gel is actually pretty legit!

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Images: Sara Tan; Glossier/Instagram