The Andi Dorfman & Chris Harrison Dating Rumors Might Be False If Her Recent Tweet Is Any Indication

Many members of Bachelor Nation have been hoping that the rumors are true about Bachelor host Chris Harrison dating Andi Dorfman, a former contestant and Bachelorette. Fans, including myself, have been diligently checking their social media accounts looking for hints that the two are dating. Ever since Dorfman posted that infamous Instagram of the two hanging out with the wine glass emojis, suspicion has really been on the rise. But unfortunately, a recent tweet from Andi suggests that the rumors might be just that.

The former assistant district attorney posted a graphic for St. Patrick's Day that reads, "Kiss me I'm single." So is this a sign that she really is single and not at all in contact with Harrison in a romantic way? It definitely seems to be the case on the surface, but hey, maybe she and Harrison are just "talking," and not in an official relationship, so she considers herself single. Or maybe she just wants us to stop talking about their lives, and is attempting to throw everyone off the scent by pretending she's single.

On top of this, Dorfman and Harrison haven't really been tweeting each other and they haven't been in any recently-posted photos together. Dorfman did tweet Harrison during The Bachelor finale, saying she would egg his house, but he didn't even tweet her back or throw a "like" her way. I get that a lot of the episode was live, but he could have checked his phone during the commercial breaks! And am I the only one wondering if Dorfman actually knows where Harrison's house is? Is that a subtle hint to let us know that they're together and she has been to the Harrison mansion?

I could talk myself in circles trying to figure this out, and I've gotten to a point where I am over-analyzing my over-analysis. Who knows what's really going on; these are the only recent clues we have to go on. All we can do now is hope that they actually are dating, because it would be so nice to see The Bachelor host end up with a happy love story of his own.

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