Can You Buy The Tattoo Of Lace's Face? 'Bachelor' Fans Can Honor Their Fav Stars With Temporary Ink

Tattoos have come a long way since being relegated to something your parents would disinherit you over. Luckily for those of us who choose permanent body ink as a means of self expression, tattoos are now commonplace and generally accepted (even by stringent business and law firms, Dad). Tattoos are beautiful and typically very meaningful for the owners of them, even if others may not understand them the same way. However, if you aren't willing to commit to the immortality of having an infinity symbol made out of bacon on your wrist for life, there are such things as temporary tattoos, which brings me to my next point: You can buy the tattoo of Bachelor contestant Lace Morris' face that was on full display at the Women Tell All special.

If you tuned in to the show, you'd have a hard time forgetting the ink in question. During a touching monologue in which Lace was informing Chris Harrison that she needed to focus on loving herself before finding someone else to love, a shirtless man popped up from his seat and proceeded to show off a tattoo on his ribs featuring the former Bachelor contestant. While Lace was indeed stunned and/or flattered, there was wide speculation over whether or not this was an act of undying love or just a joke. ABC declined to comment on the matter.

Well, Jordan Denny of Momentary Ink told Bustle that her temporary tattoo company received an order not too long ago for the face in question, meaning the man's tattoo of Lace's face was likely fake. Honestly that's probably for the best, because it didn't seem like Lace was that into this display of affection.

Still, that this tattoo probably came from Momentary Ink means it's easy to show off your love for your fav Bachelor contestant with a temporary tattoo. Here's who I would get.

Jubilee Sharpe

I think it would be very meta to feature a woman with tattoos as a tattoo.

Josh Seiter

Echoing the aforementioned statement, how punk rock would it be to have a dude with tattoos AS a tattoo? I'd be the coolest person at the Creed show, that's for damn sure.

Alex Michel

This would be the ultimate out for getting a tattoo, since the man is straight up MIA. It could be an invisible tattoo.

Trista and Ryan

A paean to everlasting love, anyone? I've said it once before and I'll say it again: TRISTA AND RYAN 4EVER.

Ashley I.'s Cry Face


Death, taxes, and Ashley I.'s smeared mascara. The three things that anyone can count on in life, and who wouldn't want to pay tribute to the most lachrymose Bachelor contestant there's ever been or ever was. It's our party, Ashley, and if I want your weeping countenance on my abdominals, no one can stop me.

Andrew Firestone

I'd want my OG Bachelor crush's face tattooed right on my tuchus. No ragrets, am I right?

Image: ABC