How Eye Shadow Shades Look On Different Skin Tones

If you're into beauty and enjoy a shopping spree, you probably enjoy shopping for makeup. IMO, one of the most fun products to shop for is eye shadow – there are so many types to choose from – but it's sometimes hard to find makeup to suit your skin tone. It's easy to get carried away when shopping for makeup, especially when it comes to eye shadow. Being surrounded by a plethora of shadows is akin to being a sweet-toothed kid in a candy shop: You want them all and you can't possibly pick just one.

There are powdered types, shimmery shadows, creamy ones, and glitter infused eye shadows. Then there's the rainbow of colors that are available to us nowadays. We are lucky enough to be able to match or contrast our makeup to our clothes if we so desire. Although there are definitely no rules when it comes to fashion and beauty, we all have our personal preferences and some people feel that different colors suit their personality, their mood, or their coloring better than others. After being blonde for most of my life, I dyed my hair brown and I felt my makeup that suited my blonde locks, no longer suited me as a brunette. So I changed up my eye shadow to suit my new 'do.

So in case you're curious how a certain color might look on your skin, check out how these eye shadow shades look on different skin tones.

1. Olive Green On Dark Skin

This olive green eye shadow looks so decadent and glamorous on this beauty vlogger. The added winged eyeliner gives the whole look a super luxe vibe.

2. Yellow & Aqua On Medium Skin

The contrast of the yellow against the aqua makes this a truly eye catching makeup look – the vlogger's peepers pop!

3. Pink On Fair Skin

LustreLux shows viewers how to create a pretty, pink eye makeup look in this holiday inspired tutorial.

4. Blue On Olive Skin

Instead of applying blue eye shadow all over her eyelid, Leyla Rose sweeps it under her lash line to create a beautiful, quirky look.

5. Copper & Plum On Tan Skin

This vlogger sports a glam look for fall wearing copper and plum colored eye shadows.

6. Bronze On Ivory Skin

Very fair skinned folks needn't always stick to cool eye shadow colors! Arna Alayne shows how to create a warm, bronze eye makeup look for those with ivory skin.

It's great to have a signature style, but it's always fun to mix up your look every now and again. Take inspiration from these beauty vloggers to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different eye shadow shades!

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Image: MakeupByLeinaBaaaby/YouTube