11 Reasons 'Pushing Daisies' Digby Was The Show's Best Character

There is no denying that Pushing Daisies was a magical show full of lovably eccentric characters who were each amazing in their own way. There was sweet, shy Ned, the eternal optimist Chuck, Olive with her perky snark, Emerson with his smart grumpiness, and Digby. Since he is a dog, you wouldn't think the title of best Pushing Daisies character would go to Digby, but you would be wrong. Digby was a big part of what made Pushing Daises so magical. Was he integral to every episode? Not even a little bit, but what he added to the story was immeasurable all the same.

As Ned's childhood pet, Digby held a special place in not only Ned's life, but in the lives of everyone who visited the Pie Hole, even the tough on the outside Emerson. On TV, pets can often be expendable, but Digby was essential for the extra emotion he added to the show. Beyond his cuteness which was, let's face it, undeniable, Digby existed thanks to Ned's magic touch and because of his link to Ned's gift he was a special reminder of everything that made Pushing Daisies great in dog form.

Not convinced? Allow me to remind you why Digby truly was Pushing Daisies most remarkable character.

1. Digby Introduced You To Ned's Gift

In the first scene of the show, a young Ned watches Digby get hit by a truck. It is a heartbreaking way to start the show, but it also leads to Ned discovering part of his gift. The look of joy on his face when Digby returns to life thanks to his touch is nothing short of beautiful.

2. Digby Is Ned's One Constant

Without Digby, Ned's life would have been unimaginably lonely. Digby is a constant presence in his life, and even though Ned can't touch Digby, Digby stays by his side anyway.

3. Digby Was The Best Dance Partner

Not only was Digby cool with being petted with a wooden arm attachment by Ned, he was also a worthy dance partner for Olive. Honestly, Digby was the most chill character on the show.

4. Digby Brought Olive & Chuck Closer Together

While their love for Ned could often divide Olive and Chuck, their love for Digby bonded them. Both of the women were fond of Digby, and he gave them something positive to focus their mutual affection on.

5. Digby Was Crazy Smart

Aside from Emerson, Digby may very well have been the smartest character on the show. Not only did he know better than to touch Ned, but he also once pulled a fire alarm to alert the fire department. Digby had skills.

6. Digby Was Always There To Comfort His People Friends

Digby offered more emotional support to Ned, Chuck, and Olive than anyone else did. When Olive's heart was broken, Digby was there. When Chuck needed a hug, Digby was right beside her, and whenever Ned needed a companion, Digby would sit near him. Without Digby, the characters would have been so lost.

7. Digby Gave The Show An Emotional Core

Pretty much everyone has had and lost a pet. Seeing Ned lose Digby in the opening scene is a visceral moment for the audience. Digby's death immediately gave you a sense of heartbreak, and seeing him come back was so bittersweet. Digby represented the heart of the story right from the very beginning.

8. Digby Was Olive's Partner In Crime

Olive didn't always have a person in her life who she could confide in, but she did always have Digby. Not only did Digby offer her comfort, he went with her to see the Aunts, and made her smile. Some of the show's best moments featured Digby and Olive just hanging out.

9. Even Emerson Couldn't Resist Digby's Charms

Emerson is not a man who is easily impressed. While he wasn't as enamored with Digby as the others were, they had a healthy mutual respect for one another that spoke to Digby's cool factor.

10. Digby Was Everyone's Best Friend

As a character, Digby was there for everyone. When Ned, Olve, Chuck, and Emerson would lie to each other or get into arguments, Digby remained neutral. He was the best friend every single one of the characters needed.

11. Digby Could Steal Any Heart

Just look at that face. Lee Pace is gorgeous, but no one on the show stole more hearts than Digby.

Digby truly was the greatest character, and he was so amazing he never had to say a word.

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