Tom Hiddleston Can Yodel Now, Because You Needed Another Reason To Love This Talented Man — VIDEO

Just when you think that life can’t get much better than your favorite British actor in a cowboy hat and boots, Tom Hiddleston shows off his serious yodeling skills on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On Tuesday’s episode of the show, Hiddleston appeared to promote his upcoming film I Saw the Light. And, while talking about taking on the role of country legend Hank Williams, the 35-year-old actor said that he had even learned to yodel for the part. Oh, sure. Like the world needed another reason to love Hiddleston. Aren’t there already enough reasons out there in the world to make fans everywhere weak at the knees? As if his luscious locks and stunning blue eyes weren’t reason enough to fall deeply in love with this British heartthrob, he has to go and throw some serious talent on the burning embers of our love for him.

Warning: If you’re a true Hiddlestoner, you’re going to watch this video with caution, because one listen to Hiddleston yodeling, and your love for him is likely to spiral out of control.

Of course, it makes sense that Hiddleston can yodel now. In order to play Williams, according to the New York Daily News, the actor apparently prepared for months — he even performed live as Hank Williams at Michigan’s Wheatland Music Festival. But, even more impressive than that, the star moved in with his country music coach, Rodney Crowell, for months in order to fully immerse himself in the culture and in the incredible sound of Hank Williams. Also according to the New York Daily News, he spent four months listening to Williams' songs, watching old footage of Williams performing, and training himself to yodel just like the iconic country crooner.

So, it’s really no wonder that a British actor like Hiddleston can now yodel with the best of them. And the way his voice fluctuates between the highs and lows, man... it’s enough to make your knees feel weak.

Even if you’re not really into country music or yodeling, trust me on this one — as long as Hiddleston is the one singing it, it’s definitely worth a listen.