Guess Who! Too Faced Teases Newest Collaborator

OMG, you guys! Too Faced keeps getting better and better, from its products, like the sold-out Peach Palette to the coveted PB& J palette to the upcoming Melted Matte Lipsticks to the Sketch Markers to its collabos, like the forthcoming team up with Kat Von D Beauty. Now, Too Faced teased its newest collaborator and it's an absolutely perfect pairing. Brand co-founder Jerrod Blandino posted a photo on his personal Instagram feed, confirming that Too Faced is collaborating with —drumroll please— a beloved makeup vlogger. Who is it?

Oh, just Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials, who has nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers and can create any glam look, from soft and pretty to deep, dark, and dramatic. Insane, right? I was already stoked for the Kat Von D mashup. The news that Too Faced and Nikkie Tutorials are working together on what Blandino labeled as "an exclusive kit for Fall 2016" has me beaming like I just used a pearlescent highlighter!

I am going to take a pause and let you process this information and to express your joy. A major makeup brand partnering with a Nikkie Tutorials, who has mad skills and talent, really demonstrates how Too Faced is a progressive, forward-thinking company that embraces all makeup artisans at all levels.

Observe the announcement in the super cute snap of Blandino and Nikkie below. Here's the proof that #ItsHappening.

See that facial expression that Blandino is making? Yeah, that was my reaction to this news, too. He posted another photo noting that Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials will be available internationally so that's even more good news, especially since Nikkie is European.

So why would Too Faced partner with Nikkie Tutorials? It's so beyond obvious. Watch Nikkie, who is from the Netherlands, work her magic in this quick and mega glam Insta video. Her skills are on point, yo! You can check out her other majestic makeup videos via her Nikkie Tutorial's YouTube channel. She is a truly creative artiste and Too Faced is recognizing her abilities to transform her look over and over with makeup. She has been steadily making a name for herself for several years and working her way up the makeup vlogger latter.

There is no "style" or "aesthetic" she can't do beautifully. Watch some of her videos and you'll be blown away. She really helps her viewers understand the products and has a "big sister" vibe as she explains the looks she creates.

Case in point: When she taught viewers how to "rock" blue lipstick, she was first to note that it can be an intimidating color to paint on your pucker. She just "gets" it and has an innate sense of how to walk makeup lovers through experimental looks as well as basic ones.

Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials will offer a fabulousness that has no boundaries. I cannot wait to see what this "kit" that Blandino references ends up being. Will it be a collection of products? Will it be a palette, which has become Too Faced's signature and rivals that of Urban Decay?

I will be glued to Too Faced's IG, as well as Blandino's, seeking more hints.

Now, about that Kat Von D collabo...

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1); Nikkie Tutorials/Instagram (3)