This Is How Kylie Jenner Wears The Kourt K Lip Kit

There is no better source of inspo for how to wear a Kylie Lip Kit than the creator herself, especially when it's such a daring and adventurous shade. Kylie Jenner rocked the purple Kourt K Lip Kit, which is so brand new that it hasn't even gone on sale yet. Jenner showed her beloved fans, Lip Kit devotees, and lovers of perfectly painted, gothic lips exactly how to wear this dramatic shade. It's a whole lotta lip look, from the rich color to the suede-like texture. You need to apply it as carefully as possible so that you can achieve this statement-making, high-impact look. It cannot and should not be messy nor should it bleed. It's all about definition, yo!

Before we observe Jenner with her purple-painted pout and the visual evidence on how to wear this shade, here are some suggestions.

You need to apply a brave shade like Kourt K, which was named after her eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian and which had another surprise source of inspo, with both the accompanying liner and a mirror. Application mistakes should never be visible because this vampy look relies on precision. You can't apply it in the back of a dark cab without mirror or lighting.

Behold, Kylie x her lips x Kourt K.

It's high-maintenance, but worth it. It's gorgeous for so many reasons and not just because Jenner opted to go with a golden blonde hair hue for now. She was extra bold, opting for seriously sculpted, majorly arched brows and quite a bit of blush and bronzer. Her eye makeup was the most low key and even that was pretty heavy. She opted for a smoky eye in varying degrees of chocolate shades.

Rocking heavy blush and bronzer actually added dimension and warmth. If her face had been too pale, she'd end up twinning with Edward Cullen. That's perfectly fine... if that's what you're going for. But that's not really a Kylie Jenner aesthetic.

That said, I fully understand if you don't want to wear that much product on your face along with such an intrepid lip color. Plus, not all of us are afforded the same lighting and glam squad support as Kylie J. It's perfectly acceptable to play up only one feature — in this case, your lips. You can totally wear Kourt K with a glittery, golden eye shadow or perhaps a simple swipe of black liner. Or the rest of your face can be bare. Kourt K is that powerful of a shade that it can command control of your face and not need help from other features or products!

Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods, whose awesome lot in life is that she often gets first dibs on new Lip Kit colors, debuted Kourt K in this Insta video. From what I can tell, she wore the purple Lip Kit without much assistance from other products. Her look was much simpler and more streamlined and just as gorge.

If you are tired of waiting for Kourt K to finally go on sale, or don't want the hassle of trying to shop it only for it to sell out, there are plenty of purple Kylie Lip Kit alternatives.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)